Concussion – Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies for Concussion

Concussion is the most common and least serious type of traumatic brain injury. In the United States of America, around 3.8 million sports and recreation related concussions occur each year.This is caused by a blow to the head and don’t always involve a loss of consciousness. These type of injuries need time and rest to heal properly and luckily most of the concussions are mild to moderate and people recover fully.

The treatment of concussion includes the following:

  • Initial treatment is to watch a person closely for any changes in the behavior for any new symptoms.
  • In some cases, people are advised to stay in the hospital and are kept under observation.
  • If there is a swelling, use cold packs to reduce the swelling.
  • Pain medications can be given to reduce the pain.
  • Rest is the best recovery technique.
  • Do not return to play while you have the signs and symptoms.
  • Resuming to play can lead to the risk of second concussion.and of last, potentially fatal brain injury.

The following tips to be followed to prevent the risk of head injury. They include:

  • Wear a helmet while recreational activities like horse riding,skiing,skating.
  • Wearing a seat belt can prevent serious injury to the head during a traffic accident.
  • Keep your home well lit to prevent accidents at home.
  • Keep your floors free of clutter that can cause you to trip, resulting in falls.
  • Protect your children by padding the counter tops and edges of tables.
  • Block off the stairways and install window guards.
  • Do not allow your child to play or use sporting equipments that are not suitable for their age.
  • Be cautious in and around swimming areas and do not dive into water less than 9 feet.
  • Wear sensible shoes and if you are older, then wear thinner and hard soled flat shoes.
  • Avoid wearing high heels, sandals with light straps as they are too slippery or too sticky.

Home Remedies for Concussion
Some of the herb extracts that are used in the treatment of concussion are:

  • Sage
  • Nettle
  • Mug wort
  • Bach flowers
  • Scleranthus
  • Clematis
  • Rose hips
  • Oak

Other simple remedies
Some of the simple remedies that are done at home include:

  • After a fall or injury, is there is a cut, apply pressure to the area to stop bleeding.
  • Apply cold compress to the affected area to reduce the swelling.
  • Monitor the temperature of the person and protect the victim from any extremes of temperature.
  • Allow the victim to rest.
  • If the victim does not respond, then immediately call 911 for the emergency medical help.
  • Monitor the vital signs like pulse and respiratory rate of the victim till the emergency medical services arrive.
  • Keep the person warm and do not get tensed.
  • Remain calm and quiet and be with the victim till the medical help arrives.

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