Craziest ways of spending Money!

You have loads of money and you don’t know how to spend it? Then ideal thing to do is to dump it in your bank and then wait for a constructive idea so that you can spend the money. There are some of the craziest people who are ready to spend money in the craziest way possible. The world has become so bored that it starts to sell stuff just for the sake of selling it. All it takes is proper presentation to sell a normal subject for loads of money. It is sometimes hard to understand some rich people. You want to know how they spend their money? Check this out…

I Am Rich ai??i?? It’s an Apple application which gives a diamond on your I phone screen. This little application has no hidden features but only a virtual logo. The funny part is for this virtual diamond logo people are spending 1000$. Now do you think its worth the money?

FarmVille ai??i?? The online farmer game which is designed by Zynga is another crowd puller. This game where you are given a virtual land in which you need to grow crop and increase your levels. Every level will unlock new goodies for you to decorate your farm and other stuff which you can use in your farm. To reach higher levels faster you can pay some particular amount of money. In this way Zynga has conquered 70% of the net gaming in the last 3 years.

Grand Opulence ai??i??
With the name you may think it is a palace or a car. But no! It is the name of the costliest ice cream! The ice cream is a whooping 1000$, and is served in the most royal way. The ice cream has richest Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream and caviar all over it. It also consists of 23K edible gold on it and it is served in a baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet which you can savour with a 18K gold spoon. All for a simple ice cream. Now get that for a status symbol!

La Modernista Diamonds ai??i?? Pen is one of the most important inventions of mankind. But is it worth to write with a diamond studded pen? Well La Modernista Diamonds is a pen which is made by Swiss based company Caran d’Ache. It costs a very ‘un’affordable $265,000. This pen is studded with 5,072 diamonds and 96 half cut rubies. But this doesn’t change the price of the words it writes right!

Chihuahua ai??i?? Pets are one of the best way of spending money as you give home and a companion to yourself. Well, if you think it is that simple then have a look at the price of Paris Hilton’s pet. Her Chihuahua costs $ 134,519. well this kinda money spent on a dog is surely gonna make its price rise very fast. Now Chihuahua is the most costliest dog breed and still there are many takers of the dog.

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