Heart Babies – Treatment and Prevention of Heart Babies

Heart babies are the congenital heart defects present during the birth of the baby. These are the abnormalities in the heart’s structure and function ranging from mild to severe effects. Heart babies occur as a result of abnormal development of fetus heart during the beginning of pregnancy. It is estimated that about 8 in 1000 babies are born with heart defects. The treatment and prevention of heart babies are discussed below.

Heart Babies Treatment
Treatment of congenital heart defects depend on the type of defect. Mild heart defects may not need any treatment as they subside by themselves. Serious heart defects should require treatment. The treatment methods include:

  • Medications – Some mild heart babies can be treated through medications. These help the heart to function efficiently.
  • Catheterization techniques – These are the methods in which the heart defects are rectified without opening the chest or heart. A thin tube called catheter is inserted into the heart through a leg vein. This would help in viewing the X-ray images of heart for any defects. Once the defects are detected, small tools are passed to repair the heart defect.
  • Open heart surgery – This is a major treatment method in which the heart defect is repaired. It takes a longer period to recover.
  • Heart transplant – This is a last option to treat heart babies if the above treatment methods do not work.

Heart Babies Prevention
Heart babies or congenital heart defects can only be prevented when the pregnant mothers and expectant mothers follow certain measures. The measures to prevent heart babies include:

  • Doctors should be very careful while prescribing any medications to a pregnant mother.
  • Avoid excess use of other drugs and alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Blood test should be done to diagnose rubella in pregnant mother. If diagnosed with it, immunization should be taken immediately.
  • Genetic factor plays a role in heart babies. Hence the mothers and the family members should go for regular genetic counselling.
  • Mothers who are expected to have a child should receive a proper prenatal care.

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