Top 10 Wine Myths

Myths have always duped us since ages. Starting from simple health drinks to the legendary wines, we have always believed on myths. Till 1976, it was believed that only France is capable of making high quality wines, which is a very strong myth. Till today, there are several myths associated with wines and liquors and people are still fooled by them.

Thus, we are presenting the top 10 wine myths with the associated truth in it.

  1. Myth 10 – The fruit that describes wine also went in making it.

    Fact – Any wine that claims being made from any other fruit than grapes, it is unacceptable. Kiwi, Black cherry, Strawberry are all names of the artificial flavors that went into making the wine. The natural ingredients will always be missing, though the fragrance and the taste remains the same.

  2. Myth 9 – You must have a use different wine glass for different wines types.

    Fact – This is a very common myth which most of the wine-drinkers would believe. But this myth was debunked long ago. All you need is a pair of tulip-shaped glasses. Such glasses would keep the aroma of the wine close to your nose. You will also save space at your cupboards !!!

  3. Myth 8 – Alternative closures cannot age wines.

    Fact – Twist offs and screw caps are more consistent compared to corks to longer the aging of the wine bottle. They let lesser oxygen to pass over time, thus delaying the aging.

  4. Myth 7 – Grape varieties are – Champagne, Port, Bordeaux, Sherry, Burgundy.

    Fact – Most of the wine consumers do this mistake. Cities in Italy, France, Portugal and Spain restrict the grape production in their areas. So they have come up with such names as a marketing method. They use grape extracts but not natural grapes.

  5. Myth 6 – White wine should always paired with chicken or fish, while red wine must be ate with red meat.

    Fact – The correct method to choose what to pair with which wine is to match the flavor of the food to the flavor of the wine. Most people say that wines with firm tannies goes well with salty dishes, while acidic wines need a acidic or spicy dish. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing the correct complementary pair with you favorite glass of wine.

  6. Myth 5 – Wine lovers are snobs

    Fact – Wine lovers are not snobs, but very down to earth. A few drinkers might cover their ignorance with arrogance. True lovers of wine would always like to share their glass with anyone interested.

  7. Myth 4 – The quality of the wine can be decided looking at the legs of the glass.

    Fact – This wine myth is widely accepted, which refers the dripping down of the liquid layer in the glass as tears. When we swirl our glass and allow it to settle down, a thin, clear layer is found stuck to the inside of the glass. This layer is water and alcohol. It has nothing to do with viscosity. When the alcohol evaporates, water is left dripping in the walls of the glass. It has nothing to do with the quality of the wines.

  8. Myth 3 – Red wine must be drunk at room temperature, while White wine must be consumed chilled.

    Fact – This myth serves a different interpretation. It says, wines should not be drank under the luxury of a temperature controlled storage device. It should be drank naturally to get the best out of it.

  9. Myth 2 – Wines get better with age.

    Fact – Not all wines get better over age, only a few wines have the appropriate structure to be held up to aging.

  10. Myth 1 – Smelling the cork will tell if the wine is good.

    Fact – Corks will smell like a cork, it wont ever give an indication of how the wine would be. You would always need to smell the wine, smelling the wine can be used for a quick examination. Check for the branding information, ingredients, date of manufacturing before buying the wine. Check if the cork has been damaged or compromised. Does the cork allow seepage, then do not go for it.

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