Top 15 Fun Facts About Salt

If you think, you know everything about salts, then you might be mistaken. You still may have to get aware of a few fun facts which are not known much to people.

  1. Consuming more water may flush out the salt available in our body. Such a condition is called hyponatremia which may lead to death. So do consume food and water at recommended amounts.
  2. Consuming too much salt can have fatal outcomes. 1 gm of salt consumed per kilogram of body weight is capable of drawing a person to death.
  3. A good quality sea salt would always contain essential minerals in it.
  4. Once upon a time, salt was very expensive and was named as white gold. Remember the salt routes in Germany, which were built for salt trades.
  5. In India, the hard seeds are mixed with salts to produce the black salt of India. This mixture is allowed to stand for certain period to form the lumps of black salt.
  6. Following the purification procedure of the aviation fuel, salt is added to the mixture to remove the traces of water present in it.
  7. Putting refined salts into salt water can also kill the salt water fish, if the concentration is not monitored. So, imagine the fate of our organs.
  8. All fruits and vegetables have a very negligible amount of salt in it. A vegetarian is always at the risk of developing salt-starvation conditions if cannot consume the required amount of salt. This is the reason most vegetarians crave for salty foods. Our saliva and gastric juices can break the foods into carbohydrates only when it is mixed with certain requisite amount of salt.
  9. The towns with names ending with either “lick”, “saal” or “wich” are all founded because of the availability of the salt.
  10. Out of the total salt production, only 7% is diverted towards the human consumption while the remaining 93% is used by the manufacturing and chemical industry.
  11. Sometimes, the manufacturers mix yellow prussiate of soda (or the alumino-silicate of sodium) along with the bleaches to prevent re-absorption of the moisture. But this often results in several health diseases as these are unable to combine with the body fluids in humans.
  12. 92 essential minerals required by our body are available in the ocean.
  13. The true sea salt always would feel moist to be touched. When the moist lump is ground, the gases may smell a little violet.
  14. The Celtic sea salt has the lowest sodium content compared to all other kinds of salts available, but is the richest source of precious beneficial elements.
  15. The Celtic Sea Salt has some healing and medicinal properties. It can be used to reduce excess acidity,increase the body resistance to bacterial infections, prevent occurrence of cancers, restore good digestion, boost cellular energy, relieve skin diseases and allergies and many more.

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