Six Most Important Things to Remember During a Phone-Interview

The very thought of attending an interview might make people jittery. A phone interview is no exception. A lot of companies conduct phone interviews due to various reasons like time constraints, pre-screening etc. Phone interviews have become very common as companies operate from different locations, states and countries. One might be well aware about the do’s and don’ts of attending a personal interview but what are the do’s and don’ts of attending a phone interview?

Firstly, it is important to remember that phone interviews are as professional and important as any other interview. The only difference is that the medium of communication is the phone. Employers use phone interviews as a way to assess prospective employees and are mostly followed by in-person interviews. So it is important that you are well prepared. Most people take a very casual approach while attending phone interviews. This is a strict no-no.

Here we present the six most important things to remember during a phone interview which will help you to be confident and relaxed.

Be well prepared – Keep the relevant materials handy. Noting down your career plans and objectives on a piece of paper would be helpful. Note down anything that you think would be helpful during the interview. If you are expecting an interview call, then keep yourself free at least 30 minutes before that specific time. If possible, schedule the interview to a time that would be convenient for you.

Landline vs Cell phone – It is always preferable to take the interview call on your landline phone instead of a cell phone. You wouldn’t want to risk bad signal, voice break, battery problems etc which are common with cell phone usage. In case you do not have a landline, ensure that you are in an area where the cell phone service is good. This will help you to avoid the glitches that might pop up unexpectedly.

No distractions – Avoid distractions of any sort. If you are driving or stuck up in traffic, move to an area which has less disturbance and then take the call. Turn off the television, radio or music player while attending the interview call. Remember that a phone interview is formal too and ensure that you avoid distractions of any sort.

Speak clearly – Speak in a clear voice and speak slowly. Remember that in a phone interview the interviewer cannot see your facial expressions or gestures to clearly understand what you are saying. Clarity of voice and the pace at which you speak makes all the difference. If you have trouble hearing what the person on the phone is saying, politely ask him/her to repeat it again.

Avoid jokes and sarcasm – Maintain professionalism and avoid humor or sarcasm during the phone interview. Most employers would not appreciate it. So why take a chance?

No drinking or eating during the call – People have a common habit of chewing gum, sipping a cola or beer while on a call. A phone interview is different from any other call. Drinking or eating while on a call is considered to be rude and impolite. Keep the eatables aside till the interview is over.

Once the interview has come to an end, ask the interviewer any questions that you might have. We hope that the points mentioned above would help you to be confident and have a successful phone interview.

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