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Indications for use
Lizinopril tablets are indicated for a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system, accompanied by increased blood pressure, these include:

Essential hypertension or hypertension.
Complex treatment of chronic heart failure.
Early combined therapy of myocardial infarction to maintain normal hemodynamic parameters.
Also, lisinopril tablets are used to treat diabetic nephropathy, which is accompanied by damage to the kidney vessels against the background of decompensation of diabetes mellitus.

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Dosing and Administration
Lizinopril tablets are taken once a day, usually in the morning at the same time, regardless of food. The tablet should be taken whole, without chewing and drinking with a sufficient amount of water. Dosage and mode of taking the drug depend on the pathology:

Essential hypertension – the initial dose is 10 mg per day, then, if necessary, it can be increased to 20 mg per day. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 40 mg. A stable therapeutic effect develops only after 2-3 months, so additional use of antihypertensive drugs of other classes is possible during this period of time.
Chronic heart failure – an initial dose of 2.5 mg with a gradual increase to 5-10 mg per day, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 20 mg.
Diabetic nephropathy is the initial dose of 10 mg per day, if necessary, it can be increased to 20 mg per day.
Renovascular hypertension is the initial dosage of 2.5-5 mg per day, with constant monitoring of blood pressure level as well as functional kidney activity.
Duration of use, the regimen of reception, and also the dosage of the doctor usually establishes individually.

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