Top 5 Really Weird Rituals Involving Children

With children comes relationships and responsibilities. From the time child takes birth, till he grows up there are some rituals observed as a part of parenting. But in some parts of world, people observe really weird rituals involving children. Read on to know top 5 weird rituals that will, for sure, make you speechless.

Babies Thrown off Rooftop for ai???Good Luckai???
This is horrifying but true! Babies are thrown off from a rooftop. In village of Harangal, Parbhani, western part of Maharashtra, India, people practice a weird ritual of tossing their 2-year old babies from the roof tops for ai???Good Luck.ai??? The baby is dangled over the edge of the roof which is about 15 meters (50 feet) high. The poor child is thrown in a straight path that plummets onto a bedsheet caught by people below. People believe this practice will bring longevity to the child and good luck for the family. But it is so odd and I can just shrug off saying, ai???God knows betterai???.

Babies are Fed Animal-shaped Pieces of Bread
babyfeeding china
In Hakka villages in China, there is a special ritual known as Zuomanyue. Chinese put a great deal of stress on family linages. They forbid moving or keeping moving things in a pregnant woman’s room. When the child is finally delivered and is a month old, they observe ai???Zuomanyue.ai??? The maternal grandmother of child feeds steamed pieces of bread that are in shape of animals. This is a symbolic wish from the grandparents for the child’s longevity. That’s so sweet!

A Baby Dunked into a Vessel of Boiling Water
baby-dipped hot water
Indian media covered a mysterious ritual which a couple living in Jumalapur village, Bijapur district of Karnataka followed. They dunked their three-month-old baby into a vessel full of boiling water, then they lifted him out immediately. The child was absolutely normal and unbelievably did not even cry! This ritual was a resolution of parents to satisfy the priest who gave them benediction of children after a long childless life. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Satan Who Hurdles Over Rows of Children
Satan jumping over kids
In Spain there is a really weird ritual observed every year on May 25. It is done at the Baby- jumping Colacho Festival. Here men, dressed up as Satan, jump over rows of children exactly like an Olympic hurdler jumps over a long jump. This ritual is believed to keep the devil away from the babies. I really do not know if this works but it is probably more likely to get the child squashed. So please do not try it on your child!

ai???Baby Racingai??? in Lithuana
babyracing in Lithuana
In Lithuana, a country in Northern Europe, there is something called ai???Baby Racing.ai??? Lithuanian babies compete in a crawling race to celebrate International Child Protection Day. Really Lithuanians are crazy about babies. In other places it can mean a lawsuit. Hope all babies enjoy the race safely!

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  1. i wish i was a baby again.

  2. How about circumcision? Muslims and Jews and also many Americans cut off the foreskin of newborn babies for no obvious reason. The foreskin contains most sensitive nerves that give sexual pleasure and cutting off the nerves would only give the boy less sexual pleasure.
    It is as weird as the way girls are circumcised in Sudan

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