Things You Should Know about Neck Pain (Cervicalgia)

Are you suffering from neck pain? How many essential things do you know about neck pain (cervicalgia)? Do you know which one is myth and which one is fact? Having a brief knowledge about knowledge about neck pain would help you a lot in treating the pain.

Through this article, we would like to give you information which might be useful for you and your loved ones.
Happy learning about neck pain!

Facts about Neck Pain

  • Neck pain is also known as cervicalgia in the medical world.
  • Neck pain occurs around your cervical spine area.
  • As the part of your spine (backbone) would be the cervical spine which makes the neck and supports the head.
  • Cervical spine is made up from seven vertebrae (seven small shock-absorbing discs which piled up on top of each other, steadied in location by ligaments and muscles.
  • Neck pain is a common occurrence and most of the sufferers do not seek care.
  • One out of three people have had cervicalgia in the previous year.
  • More than 50 percent of people will suffer from neck pain some time in their life.
  • Majority of neck pain patients do not need imaging or laboratory investigation.
  • Most of neck sufferers get better within several weeks.
  • Keeping yourself active is the best way to avoid neck pain.
  • Neck pain causes many work days lost as lower back pain.
  • There are three major causes of neck pain, they are mechanical causes (bad posture, injury, or sprains), degeneration (wear and tear) and viral infections.
  • Most common causes of neck pain include awkward sleeping or resting positions and pulling or reaching movements.
  • Poor sitting postures, for example bend over forward can lead to discomfort feeling in the pain.
  • Long-term neck pain problem may happen because of discomfort is continuing over a period of time or when the pain develop steadily.
  • Neck pain can be developed with no clear reason. This fact is also a frequent complaint about neck pain.
  • A specific event, such as motorcycle accident or a sport injury can be the causes of neck pain.
  • Degeneration of the discs is a common problem among elderly and may lead to nerve problems. In the medical world, it is known as facet joint pain or cervical spondylosis.
  • Neck pain patient must be encouraged and reassured to stay active as the key point of neck pain treatment.
  • Analgesics, acupuncture, exercise interventions and manual therapy have been proven to be useful as neck pain relief in short-term only.

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