Hydrocephalus in Children – Treatment and Prevention of Hydrocephalus in Children

Hydrocephalus in children is a disorder in which there is accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain. CSF is a clear fluid that is produced in the ventricles of brain. It flows into the lower part of brain and spinal cord and gets absorbed by the blood vessels. CSF acts as shock absorber and protects the brain from injury. When this path is disturbed, there is increased production and less absorption of CSF leading to hydrocephalus. The treatment and prevention of hydrocephalus in children are discussed below.

Hydrocephalus in Children Treatment

Treatment should be given to the child as soon as possible to prevent brain injury. The doctor may recommend any of the following treatment to your child with hydrocephalus.


The doctor may recommend diuretics to the child that help in decreasing the swelling in the brain.

Lumbar puncture
In this procedure, the child is held in place and is not allowed to move. A minute needle is placed in the child’s lower back and the fluid is removed. The fluid is now tested for any infection or bleeding around the brain and spinal cord. This reduces the pressure created by the fluid in the brain and spinal cord.

Surgery – The surgical procedures for hydrocephalus in children include:

  • Shunt
    This is the common surgical treatment for hydrocephalus. A flexible tube is inserted into the ventricle that allows the fluid to flow in the right condition and at a proper rate. One end of the tube is inserted into the ventricle and the other end is kept at the another part of the body such as abdomen or a chamber in heart. The excess fluid is drained out of the brain through this tube.

  • Ventriculostomy

    In this procedure, a hole is made in the bottom of the ventricle. Through this hole the excess fluid is drained out to the base of the brain for the absorption to take place.

Prevention of Hydrocephalus in Children

To prevent hydrocephalus in children, the prior thing is to protect the head of the child from injury. The risk of the disorder can be reduced by providing the immediate treatment to the infections and disorders that may lead to hydrocephalus. The following measures reduce the risk of the disorder.

  • Get your child vaccinated against the infections and illnesses that may lead to hydrocephalus. Follow the vaccination schedules according to the child’s age and sex.
  • If you are a pregnant, follow the doctor’s suggested schedules regularly. This helps in reducing the risk of hydrocephalus and other complications in your child.
  • Make your child wear appropriate protective gear while participating in sports or any other activities . This helps in avoiding head injuries.

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  1. Hi, your site is educative and interesting. I am the president of Spinal bifida and Hydrocephalus Care foundation, i wll apreciate advice on how best to support this children in my Country Nigeria.

  2. Madam ,My son suffering from hydrocephalus now his age is 7 years.Tapped in his brain dring his age 9 month drained out water from brain . still no shut appied as per Dr. says no need to applied due to water is not pressurize in brain . you are requested plz help us

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