How to Beat Insomnia

This article will tell you some simple tips about how beat insomnia. Most insomnia sufferers say they are not able to relax mentally and physically, leading to sleeplessness. They say their mind races at night. Thoughts seem to race through their minds endlessly at night and therefore they are unable to nod off. For insomniacs, this might be a nightly routine. So, if you suffer from insomnia, consult a physician for medical advice.

Don’t Take Sleeping Pills
Never take sleeping pills as a cure for your insomnia. This is because sleeping pills can be addictive and can also lead to “rebound insomnia”. Moreover, they could impair mental and physical functions. A recent research has revealed that patients who were given a placebo, showed better results than those who took sleeping pills.

No Quick-Fix Solution
There is no quick-fix solution for insomnia. It cannot be cured just by popping a pill. Sleeping pills ignore the underlying reasons for insomnia. Besides, they cannot give you the same benefits you get from natural sleep. The reason is because sleeping pills contain chemicals that impact normal brainwave patterns, thereby inhibiting deep sleep.

Some Useful Tips to Get Sleep
Pay utmost regard to your general sleep pattern. Ensure you go to sleep and get up at the same time every night and day. Get enough sun exposure during the day. Wind your mind down at night by doing meditation or listening to soothing music.

Exercise is Important
Ensure you get enough exercise during the day. This can sedate your body and mind, helping you get deep sleep. Your bedroom must be dark, quiet and cool. Your bed should be supportive and comfortable. If you are unable to sleep even after a few minutes, try progressive relaxation by relaxing your body from head to toe.

Don’t Be Stressed
Try to be cool and relaxed as much as possible. Never let worry, anxiety and stress affect your mind. Avoid stimulants such as cigarettes and caffeine during the day. Caffeine may give an energy boost, but it lasts only for a short time. Since it can stay in your system for about five hours, it can affect quality sleep. Instead, try a calming drink like
chamomile tea.

Try Natural Sleep Remedies
Your diet should be nutritious and healthy. Take supplements with magnesium and calcium. If you suffer constantly from low moods, try St Johns Worts. It is a natural remedy for mild depression. Valerian is a good remedy for sleeplessness. Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng can improve concentration. But, ensure you get professional advice before using any natural remedies.

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