Tips to Write Effective Emails

Emails are used for communicatingai??i?? both formally and informally. Sending an email is simple and it puts the message across easily. However, while writing an email, we might be sloppy or careless. This happens mostly due to the time crunch. Taking some time to keep few things in mind while writing an email can make your email clear and effective. Here are a few tips to write effective emails:

Be concise: An email is supposed to be to the point, concise and simple to read. Long e-mails are difficult to read and they might not convey the message properly. Hence, ensure that you write in simple, clear and concise manner. Cut down unnecessary information and words. This will make the mail clear and easy to read.

Include an understandable subject line: A good subject encourages the recipient to open the mail. It is a very important part of the email. Avoid ‘no subject’ or ‘read this’ kind of subject lines. Always mention the subject line in a meaningful way. This will make the user to identify the mail properly. A good subject line will also make it easier for an individual to search the mail from his/her inbox in the future.

Proofread: An email with errors does not give a good impression, especially if it is a formal one. Do spell check your email for typos and see if there are any punctuation mistakes. Spending just a short time re-checking the email can eliminate the unintended mistakes in your email.

Don’t give in to emotions: Don’t give in to your emotions while writing an email, cause you cannot take back your words once the mail is sent. If you are angry or upset and want to type a mail, stop and take some time. Relax yourself and then write your mail. This will keep you from sending angry/hate mails, which you might regret later.

Include your details: Including your details such as name, designation, office name etc., are extremely helpful if you are contacting someone new. This will help the recipient to recognize you and reply to your mail. You can put in a standard signature, which can go along with every mail of yours.

Avoid attachments: If you have an attachment which can be copy pasted into the reply, then avoid sending it as an attachment. This makes it easy for the recepient to read and reply. It eliminates an extra step for the recipient.

Reply Promptly: If you receive a mail which requires a reply, do reply as soon as possible. This will please the sender and you will not risk forgetting answering the mail.

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