Measles Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies

Measles is an infectious disease which spreads easily from one person to another. It is caused by a virus known as rubeola. This disease is characterized by sneezing, fever and congestion in the chest.
It takes more than five days for a person to completely get cured.

Treatment for Measles

  • Generally people suffering from measles are sensitive to light, so if your child is suffering from this disease keep the room dark.
  • Avoid rubbing of eyes and take off the secretions from the eyes with warm water or saline.
  • Tepid sponge bath and antipruritic medication is recommended by doctors.
  • To relieve from cough, cool vaporizer can be used.
  • To prevent itching apply antipruritic medication
  • Keep the child isolated till the fifth day of rash.

Prevention of Measles

Before a child enters kindergarten or the first grade, at least two doses of live measles vaccine is recommended. When the child is 15 months old one shot should be given and the second shot before entering kindergarten or first grade.

A re-vaccination guide is as follows- a live measle vaccine that is given before the first birthday of a child is considered unvaccinated, therefore a child should receive at-least one dose of measle vaccine.

Immunization is a must for all persons who are born after 1956 and a second dose of measle vaccine is a must for young people where congregation cannot be avoided like residential areas and colleges.

Home Remedies for Cure Measles

  • An effective way to treat measles is by diluting lemon juice in 25 ml of water and consuming it everyday.
  • Take ½ tablespoon of honey and licorice each and mix it well. Consume this mixture everyday.
  • Take ½ tablespoon of dried powdered turmeric roots, honey and a few gourd leaves to make a mixture. This mixture helps in curing measles.
  • To relieve itchiness, add a few neem leaves in luke warm water and have bath. This can be done whenever it is possible.
  • Take at least two glasses of orange juice everyday to get rid of measles.
  • Everyday consume a glass of barley water as this would help in curing measles.
  • Take ½ to 1 gram of eggplant seeds for three days. This is a very effective home remedy for measles.
  • Grind equal quantities of turmeric and tamarind into a paste. This mixture should be taken in three doses of 350-400 grams in a day.

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