Hepatitis C – Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C causes inflammation of the liver and is an other form of hepatitis. It is caused by hepatitis C virus that is spread mainly through blood and other body fluids. It is considered to be the most serious of all types of viruses. The infection is characterized by symptoms such as muscle pains, poor appetite, nausea, fever and fatigue. The treatment, prevention and remedies for hepatitis C are discussed below.

Hepatitis C Treatment
Hepatitis C is not treated unless it becomes chronic. The doctor may suggest medications or liver transplant according to the severity of the liver abnormality.

Doctor may recommend antiviral medications and suggest you to take them for several weeks. The medications clear up the virus from the body. The doctor may again perform some blood tests to confirm absence of hepatitis C virus. Side effects include headache, fever and fatigue.

Liver transplant

Liver transplant is the option if the liver is severely damaged. The damaged liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver donated by living or deceased donors. For most of the people, liver transplant is not a permanent cure so doctors recommend antiviral medications even after the transplant is done.

Prevention of Hepatitis C

There is no vaccine for hepatitis C but the research is still going on to develop a vaccine for the hepatitis C virus. The following measures should be taken to prevent the hepatitis C infection:

  • Practice safer sex methods
  • Be cautious about tattooing and body piercing
  • Stop using illicit drugs
  • Avoid sharing personal items of an infected person
  • Do not donate blood if you have hepatitis C infection

Home Remedies for Hepatitis C
Listed below are few home remedies for hepatitis C:

  • Licorice root extract called glycyrrhizin is an effective remedy for chronic hepatitis C.
  • Vegetables such as papaya, radish, carrots, tomato, bitter gourd, squashes are very useful to treat hepatitis C.
  • Carrot juice combined with spinach juice is very beneficial in treating liver cirrhosis.
  • Carrot juice combined with cucumber and beet juices is also very effective remedy for liver care.

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