Bleeding Wound and Cut – Causes and Symptoms of Bleeding Wound and Cut

A bleeding wound or cut is an injury that causes an external or internal break in body tissue. Most of the common accidents that results in open wounds are mishandling of pointed and sharp objects, falls, accidents with machinery or tools and car accidents. A cut or wound may be near the surface or deep, jagged or smooth and may injure deep tissues like tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones or blood vessels.

Causes of cuts and wounds

  • Wounds and cuts happen when your skin is accidentally worn away or broken.
  • This can be as a result of banging against a hard object or any injury.
  • Children have some sort of minor skin damage due to falls while playing.
  • Older people are also prone to injuries as they have a delicate skin.

General causes
The most common causes for bleeding cuts and wounds include:

  • Accidents.
  • Falls
  • Injury due to sharp articles like blades and knifes.
  • Other causes for bleeding cuts and wounds
  • There are some disease conditions that lead to severe bleeding when injured and therefore special care should be taken in such cases. They include:

    • People with weakened immune system
    • People on chemotherapy
    • People on medications like diuretics as they make the skin dry and fragile making it prone for cuts and wounds
    • People on anti-coagulant therapy
    • Diabetes myelitis

    Signs and Symptoms
    Some of the commonly observed symptoms include:

    • The skin is torn
    • Blood oozes out
    • In case of larger cuts, the blood flow is fast
    • If an artery is injured, then the blood is bright red in color
    • Pieces of the broken glasses or any particle can be seen in the wound site
    • In fractures, broken pieces of bones can be seen inside the wound

    When to contact a medical Professional?
    Call the emergency medical services (911) if:

    • The bleeding is spurting or cannot be stopped
    • The person is seriously injured
    • The person has been bitten by a human or animal
    • There is an impaired function or absence of sensation from the cut
    • Take the person immediately to the hospital for further treatment because it can save the life of the patient.

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