Top 10 Fun Facts About Dreaming

We all dream, but we often forget what we dreamt. Dreams can be vivid or pleasant. Most of us would wonder why we visualize those vivid dreams when we can see those charming ones too. All your questions will have an answer now.

The top 10 fun facts about dreaming have been revealed now. For all those who dream, read below to know the most wonderful facts about dreaming.

  1. Why can’t we act in dreams ?
    When we fall asleep, our body gets paralyzed. So even after struggling in our dreams we fail to act as we wish physically. Else, think how embarrassing it would have been to found ourselves holding our partner’s head thinking of it to be an apple. Such a condition also reduces the chances of hurting ourselves and our sleep partners.
  2. Can external stimuli affect our dreams ?
    External stimuli like sound can affect our dreams. Such a condition is termed as Dream Incorporation.
  3. Can smoking cause dreadful dreams ?
    Chain smokers who have quit the habit of smoking recently are more prone to visualize vivid dreams. This may occur as a withdrawal symptom.
  4. Do dreams carry any meaning ?
    Most dreams are not what they seem to be. They are symbolic. But in general we cannot unravel its meaning. It occurs as a metaphoric representation of our inner thoughts.
  5. Are dreams always in black and white ?
    All dreams do not occur in black and white. Black and white dreams count for only 12% while the rest are in full color. People have also been observed to have a consistent theme in their dreams.
  6. Do we always see familiar dreams ?
    It is true that we always see things we are familiar with. We might see people who appear as strangers to us, but at some point of time we would have definitely encountered them. But knowing personally is not mandate.
  7. Are dreams necessary ?
    Yes, dreams can prevent psychosis. Many studies have revealed that awakening from the initial stages of a dream often makes sleeping further difficult. Even after you sleep for 8 hours, our focus and concentration is affected. Hallucinations may also occur.
  8. Who all dream ?
    We all dream. The pattern and reactions vary from individual to individual and also vary among genders.
  9. Why can’t we remember all our dreams ?
    About 90% of our dreams are forgotten. Within 5 mins of waking from a dream makes us forget about half of our dream. If we claim to remember our dream, then it should be around 10% and not more.
  10. Can visually challenged people also see dreams ?
    Even people who are visually challenged can dream. If you are unable to see since birth, then you will have your own forms of dreams, which will be influenced by other active senses. While those who have lost vision after birth will still be able to see vivid dreams about their past experiences.

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