Mastitis Causes and Symptoms of Mastitis

Mastitis is when the breast gets inflamed which leads to infection. This is a very common condition in women who breast feed. In this a woman may experience swelling of the milk duct, soreness, hardness and redness in the breast. For a woman who has just delivered, she may feel very tired and drained out of energy.

Mastitis is very common in breastfeeding women. During the first few weeks of breastfeeding this discomfort is experienced. It also happens when a woman suddenly stops feeding and this leaves the breast engorged with milk. This problem could also happen in women who are not breastfeeding. The infection is mainly caused by bacteria in the milk duct. This mostly happens because of a sore or a crack in the nipple.

Causes of Mastitis

Mastistis is caused when a woman is breastfeeding and the bacteria enters the crack through the nipple from the baby’s mouth. This bacteria multiplies in the fatty tissues that surround the milk duct. This causes severe pain and inflammation in the breast and leads to infection causing swelling, pain and redness. As a result of this the milk duct gets blocked.

Symptoms of Mastitis

Symptoms of mastitis are swelling, breast becoming hot, red and nipples may have pus. Other symptoms include shivers, fever, nausea, vomiting and muscle ache.
This infection occurs after one to three months after the baby is delivered. Chances are that this problem may be experienced by a woman who has not delivered and in a woman after her menopause. Rare causes include chronic mastitis which could be a rare form of caner known as inflammatory carcinoma.

Mastitis happens when the breasts are not able to empty after the baby is fed. Breast tend to become lumpy, leaky, swollen and tense. Eventually both breasts may get affected.

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