Marfan Syndrome Treatment and Prevention

Marfan syndrome is a hereditary problem that weakens the connective tissues from being normal. This syndrome is also known as arachnodactyly. The body has a number of connective tissues that protect other tissues. These tissues provide strength and support to other organs of the body, therefore any kind of disorder in the tissues leads to abnormal conditions.

Treatment of Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome leads to eye problems, therefore children who are suffering from this problem should go for regular eye checkups. Nearsightedness is a common problem. The lens of the eye may also tear or get dislocated.

Children suffering from marfan syndrome should go for a checkup of the curvature of the spine. Sometimes a surgery is recommended to correct the chest if it too close to the lungs and heart. Marfan syndrome may also cause leakage of aortic heart valves. The flow of the blood is controlled by the valves that pass through the heart. When there is defect in the mitral valve it causes breathlessness, fatigue and irregular pulse rate. Regular checkups by a cardiologist is required to monitor and detect.

Prevention of Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome affects the connective tissues of the body. This disease is characterized by people having long limbs and this syndrome also affects the internal organs of the body like the blood vessels, heart, lungs and eyes. There is no such prevention from this disease but if you notice any such symptoms you should go for a checkup. A regular checkup of is required.

Since marfan syndrome is a genetic problem there is no such prevention and cure for it. It is characterized by abnormal skelton system like unusually tall, long arms, legs and slender joints. There is a dislocations of the eyes and most people suffering from this problem have heart disease and also suffer from problems of the skin and nervous system.

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