Bornholm Disease – Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies for Bornholm Disease

Bornholm disease is a viral infection of the intercostal muscles that are in the chest wall, and the lining of the lungs also gets affected. The virus that causes this infection is the coxsackie virus that infects the intercostal muscles which results in the inflammation of these muscles present in between the ribs. This is a contagious disease that spreads from person to person by coughing or sneezing. This is an epidemic disease that occurs mostly in children and adolescents and is known by various names like sylvest’s disease, devil’s grip and epidemic benign dry pleurisy.

Treatment of Bornholm Disease
The best treatment is bed rest but along with rest a doctor may prescribe certain medications to reduce the symptoms. They include:

  • Antipyretics may be prescribed by the doctor to reduce temperature.
  • Pain killers may be given to reduce the pain
  • Antibiotics can be administered to reduce the infection in the initial stages.
  • Anti Inflammatory medications can be given.
  • Heat therapy can be given by placing a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on the painful area.
  • Take good rest as rest can relieve some amount of pain and discomfort.
  • Good hygiene and regular hand washing can reduce the risk of infection.

How can we prevent this disorder?
The ways to prevent this disease include:

  • Wash hands carefully: Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly after using the toilet or changing a diaper. When soap water is not available, use hand wipes or gels treated with germ-killing alcohol.
  • Disinfect common areas: Regularly clean high-traffic areas and surfaces with disinfectant solutions. Child care centers, schools, colleges and workplaces need to follow a strict schedule of cleaning and disinfecting all common areas.
  • Teach good hygiene: Teach your children how to practice good hygiene and how to keep themselves clean. Never allow them to keep fingers, hands or any other objects in their mouths.
  • Isolate contagious people: This disease is highly contagious and people with this illness should limit their exposure to others. Do not go to work or in public areas till the infection reduces.

Natural Remedies for Bornholm Disease
Some of the natural remedies include:

  • Fenugreek tea: Drink tea made of fenugreek seeds twice daily as this may reduce the infection.
  • Garlic cloves: Take two cloves of garlic crushed and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Then warm this mixture and apply it under the soles of your feet and then wrap it with plastic. This garlic penetrates the skin and has the quality to destroy the viral infection.
  • Potato: Sliced potato is soaked in vinegar for 10 minutes. Place these slices across the forehead and place a washcloth on top. The person should lie down during this treatment which is an effective remedy for viral fevers.
  • Eucalyptus: Take 10-20 drops of eucalyptus oil and add them in your hot water bath as this helps to fight the viral infections.
  • Juices of pear, cranberry, apple, dark grapes and pomegranate: Any of the fruit juices mentioned here can be taken as they combat the flu-like symptoms.
  • Holy basil: Take seven to eight leaves of holy basil and chew them as this increases the body’s immunity.
  • Black pepper: Chew three to four pieces of black pepper as this reduces the infection.
  • Orange: This is the most ideal fruit for all types of bacterial or viral infections as this increases the body’s resistance against infections.
  • Honey: Take a teaspoonful of honey and add two or three drops of ginger juice. Drink this juice as this boosts your immunity and reduces the fever.
  • Diet: Eat lots of green leafy vegetables as they regulate the digestion process and help in the removal of toxins. Drink plenty of water and home made fresh fruit juices.

Dont’s during fevers

  • Do not consume anything from outside, eat only home cooked food.
  • Do not eat spicy and oily foods as this may lead to gastric problems.
  • Avoid the intake of ice-creams, chocolates and anything that is cold.

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