Is Drinking Beer in Moderation Good for Health

Beer is undoubtedly the world’s oldest and most popular drink of choice for millions of people worldwide. Different varieties of beer are brewed and sold under different brand names. Any occasion is almost incomplete without a beer. However, excessive consumption of beer has been linked with obesity and other health complications. The term “beer belly” has become common in referring to abdominal fat. It is true that beer contains empty calories which are of no use to the body. But there is good news for all you beer lovers. A recent study conducted by experts from The Beer Academy, London suggests that beer might actually be good for your health provided you consume it in moderation. The experts also claim that beer has low calorific value compared to other alcoholic beverages and is a healthy choice.

The study was done with an aim to do clear misconceptions associated with beer and its consumption. The experts wanted to bring to light the innumerable health benefits that beer offers.

Knowledge Gained from the Study

  • The online study included 2,004 adults in the age group of 18 years and above.
  • Close to 10% of the people blindly believed that beer is fattening without having any proper explanation to back their claims.
  • Surprisingly, 13% of the people had no clue about the ingredients and were of the opinion that beer is made out of chemicals instead of barley and hops.
  • The study claims that beer is fat-free and also contains anti-oxidants which are very helpful for the human body.
  • It also claimed that beer contains minerals like silicone, vitamins and fiber.
  • The experts also found out that beer contains less calories compared to red wine.

Red wine has been in the news lately as researchers suggested that moderate consumption of red wine could be helpful for the healthy functioning of the heart. But with the findings of the latest study, beer might give a stiff competition to red wine to bag the title of “The healthiest alcoholic drink.”

A spokeswoman from the Beer Academy was quoted saying “Beer contains vitamins which can help you to maintain a well-balanced healthy diet, fiber to keep you regular, readily absorbed antioxidants and minerals such as silicon which may help to lower the risk of osteoporosis.”

Is it really as good as it sounds?

The findings of this study have evoked mixed response from the people. Beer lovers are a happy lot as they get another reason to say “Cheers” and guzzle a few more.

The study clearly mentions that moderate consumption of beer is beneficial. Health experts warn that consumption of alcohol irrespective of the quantity is harmful to the health.

The research does not have any scientific backing and the findings cannot be considered accurate. This questions the credibility of the study.

So as long as the consumption of beer is moderate, there is no need to worry. One can enjoy the supposed health benefits that beer offers without worrying about a “beer belly.”

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