Top 10 Addictions of the Modern World

Besides the alcohol and the drugs, there are other addictions also which are gradually grabbing attention. Nobody would have forgotten the Tiger Woods sex addiction or the late King of pop Michael Jackson’s look-like-an-alien addiction. Psychologists have started claiming that consumable addictions are not the only addictions found in people. The top 10 such addictions are –

10. Workaholism
Workaholics work more and more to gain respect and appreciation in their world. They use every second of their time effectively. This is how the fine line between hard work and the workaholism starts to become blur. Diagnosing a work addicted patient is never easy unless working starts affecting your health and social life. In Japan, it has been found that such addiction can also cause death. Such deaths are termed as Karoshi or death by overwork.

9. Love Addiction
Love addiction and being a jilted lover share a very slight difference between them. A jilted lover would let it go very easily at the cost of his health and relationships. But a love addict would not let it go unless he falls in love again. He never compromises over his health and other relationships. It has been reported by several psychologists that love addicts share symptoms like loss of sense of time, sleeplessness etc. with cocaine abusers.

8. Television Addiction
Every American has been found to watch his TV set for more than 4 hours in a day on an average basis. According to this survey, imagine a 65 year old who has spent 94900 hours (equivalent to 11 years) watching the idiot box. The prime reason why people watch television is to soothe their nerves and feelings. But when forced to discontinue, it may cause serious irritability in the addict.

7. Teeth Whitening Addiction
Whitening teeth has been the top dental procedure gaining the highest popularity. A few people get addicted to make their teeth look extremely white and shining all the time. The consequences of such addiction can be horrible. Several dental symptoms like transparent teeth, increase in the teeth sensitivity and bleeding gums occur.

6. Exercise Addiction
A few people always are found on their treadmills in addiction to loose their large, hanging pouches and couches. Such an addiction is also called Exercise addiction. This type of addiction has been found associated with some sort of eating disorder. It might sound weired but exercise addicts can even sacrifice their social life, fun, family and even health for the sake of their exercises.

5. Shopping Addiction
Yes, you have read it right, ‘shopping addiction. You must have heard about the Lindsay Lohan shopping. This is a psychiatric condition resulting in Oniomania or shopping addiction. Compulsive shoppers can be found in most of the houses today. Every 1 out of 20 American adults have been found affected by Oniomania.

4. Tanorexia
Tanning addiction is very common in many people. People undergo regular tanning which can cause cancer following a prolonged use. Women be careful, check out if you are also suffering from some kind of tanning addiction.

3. Sex Addiction
The famous Tiger Woods controversy is an example of sex addiction which is itself self-explanatory. Since historical times, craving for sexual gratification is known.

2. Internet Addiction
Browsing for hours at a stretch, browsing aimlessly and unwillingness to shut the PC down are some signs of addiction to the Internet. If this continues as a daily habit, then withdrawing can be a problem.

1. Plastic Surgery Addiction
People are now aiming high to resemble their favorite celebrities. And celebrities are trying their level best to look their best. All these come under one surgical knife, the cosmetic surgery. Its no more about a little nip, a tiny tuck, a bit of enlargement or a whole alignment. In Spite of understanding what cosmetic surgery exactly is they are ready to do and sacrifice everything. Cosmetic surgery is for improvement and not for getting perfection.

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