Cyclical Breast Pain

Do you know what cyclical breast pain is? Do you know what causes cyclical breast pain? Furthermore, what do you know about the examination of cyclical breast pain? Inside this article, we will give you the explanation of these questions.

As we have written in our previous article, cyclical breast pain is one of breast pain types, along with non-cyclical breast pain. Through this recent article, we provide you with information about what cyclical breast pain is, what causes the pain and the diagnosis.

Definition of Cyclical Breast Pain
Cyclical breast pain is related to hormonal levels change in the period of the menstrual cycle and generally affects women who have not been through the menopause phase.

Because of these hormonal changes, the breast tissue becomes more sensitive which can cause pain in the breast.

If you are a cyclical breast pain sufferer, you might experience the following sensation:

  • Stabbing
  • Prickling
  • Burning
  • Drawing-in pain

This pain can affect either one or both breasts. The pain can spread to the armpit, to the shoulder blade and down to the arm. Cyclical breast pain usually stops after the menopause (when the ovaries stop working).

Nonetheless, women who take Hormonal Replacement Therapy after their menopause may suffer with breast pain. This happens because the HRT keeps hormones at a pre-menopausal level.

Causes of Cyclical Breast Pain
Despite the fact that cyclical breast pain is closely associated with the menstrual cycle, the exact causes of the pain still uncovered yet. Cyclical breast pain can also be linked with starting to consume the contraceptive pill, herbal remedies, certain anti-depressant drugs, or stress.

Diagnosis of Cyclical Breast Pain
As a part of your breast examination, your doctor will take a thorough history of the type of pain you have. He/she will also ask how often the pain occurs. Sometimes your doctor will ask you to fill a pain chart or refer you to a breast clinic to see a specialist doctor in breast pain.

In the upcoming article, we will write about treatment of cyclical breast pain.

You should consult with your doctor and other health care professionals to get a better knowledge and information about Cyclical Breast Pain.

Kindly bear in mind, this article is not solely intended as the only source of information about Cyclical Breast Pain.

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