Best Dark Chocolates from Around the World

Do you crave for delicious dark bitter chocolate? Are you one of those people who would do anything just to get your hands on some of the finest dark chocolate you can get? Then read on.

Here is a list of some of the yummiest, finest and best dark chocolates from around the world. These chocolates are rich in cocoa (or cacao), making them not only yummy but also healthy for you. They have been rated and chosen by dark chocolate connoisseurs, aficionados and enthusiasts from around the globe.

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Best dark chocolates from around the world
This is our list of some of the most mouth-watering chocolaty treats from across the seven seas. If you have a taste for the best and wish to experiment, then go ahead and pamper yourself with these exotic and irresistible flavors.

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Amedei’s Chuao: This particular chocolate made by Tuscany-based chocolate brand, Amedei, won a gold in London competing with some of the finest chocolates from around the world. It has been thought of as being the greatest chocolate. Their chocolates are not available everywhere yet, making them very exclusive.

The uniqueness about Amedei is that they make their own chocolate by husking, roasting and grinding the best cacao beans hand-chosen from all over the world. They also make sure that they buy directly from cacao farmers and pay them well. All their chocolates are made and usually named after the region the cocoa beans are from. They are very expensive but the flavors make them worth the price.

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La Maison du Chocolat’s Quito: This chocolate is by a brand based in Paris, with many branches all over the world. The chocolate has cacao beans from Madagascar, Trinidad, Venezuela and Ecuador. This chocolate has some other ingredients that are known to be some of the finest and found in Ecuador.

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What sets these chocolate makers apart from the rest is the fact that they pay very close attention to minute details. They study the cocoa beans from different parts of the world, not just for their flavor but for subtle differences between them. They also study various vintages from all over Africa and South America.

Divine’s 70% Mint Dark Chocolate: This is a unique mint-flavored dark chocolate made by Divine, a chocolate company based in Washington DC, USA. It is a dark chocolate with a dash of mint. It has tiny pieces of peppermint crisps and a hint of peppermint oil.

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This company is possibly the only chocolate manufacturer that follows the idea of Fair-trade equitable trade. The farmers who supply cacao beans to Divine have a 45% share in the company. They also get a share of the profits as well as a platform to voice their opinions and problems. The company ensures that the cocoa farmers get a good price for their beans.

Teuscher’s Champagne Truffles: This is a Swiss-based chocolate company that has established itself as being one of the top chocolate makers. Its champagne truffles are the most popular for their unique flavor and texture. You can buy their chocolates in any of their outlets that have opened up in a number of cities all over, or even on their online store.

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Their biggest draw is that their chocolates are free of any chemicals, preservatives and additives. Over the years, they have developed their own unique recipes which make their chocolates distinctive and refreshingly original.

Cluizel’s Noir Infini 99%: This chocolate is by Cluizel based in Damville, France and is one of the best chocolate makers in the world. This is a connoisseur’s delight because of its extremely high cacao content and unique dense taste. It is made from a process of long kneading which gives it a unique flavor and texture.

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This company is known for its high standards when it comes to quality and choice of cocoa beans and other ingredients that go into their products as well as the whole processing. This makes them very respectable and reliable when it comes to quality and richness of the chocolate experience.

Ghirardelli Intense Dark 86% Midnight Reverie: This bar of chocolate made by Ghirardelli makes for a rich chocolaty experience. It has a velvety texture and a deep and intense taste. This company is based in California, USA but their chocolates are available almost everywhere.

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Their chocolates are for you if you wish to experience the rich taste of coca without burning a hole in your pocket. This brand has established itself as being one of the finest yet affordable to all. They are one of the finest chocolate makers in the US.

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