Diagnotic Standards for Migraine without Aura

Have you suffered with migraine? If you have, how do you treat your migraine? Nonetheless, if you choose to meet your doctor or physician, possibly you would have diagnosis for your migraine. Certainly, your doctor has several diagnostic standards for your migraine. Inside this article, we will write about diagnostic standards for migraine, especially migraine without aura.

Migraine is a form of headache which brings most sufferers to physicians along with many appearances. In relation with migraine without aura, specifically problematic are patients who suffer with migraine aura with no headache, as consideration have to be given to whether the sufferer has a foca seizure or a transient ischemic attack.

Migraine with prolonged aura, where a migraine aura symptom goes further beyond the common limit of one hour, also makes concern which relates to cerebrovascular disease.

Due to the complexity of headaches, it is illogical to expect you or a family practitioner to understand all headaches types. Nonetheless, you may see the diagnostic standards for migraine without aura.

Diagnostic Standards for Migraine without Aura
If you are a migraine without aura patient, you must have had at minimum five attacks meeting the following diagnostic standards:

  • Your headache duration must be around four to 72 hours if the headaches are unsuccessfully untreated
  • Your headache must have minimum two of the following characteristics:
    • Pulsating quality
    • Unilateral location
    • Aggravation by walking stairs or any other similar physical activity
    • Moderate or severe intensity
  • There have to be one of the following factors during your headache:
    • Phonophobia and photophobia
    • Vomiting and/or nausea
  • History, physical and neurologic assessments do not suggest another cause for your headache
  • .

With these diagnostic standards, it is clear that the diagnosis of many headaches syndromes, including migraine, relies on a clinical diagnosis.

You should consult with your doctor and other health care professionals to get a better knowledge and information about Diagnosis for Migraine without Aura.

Kindly bear in mind, this article is not solely intended as the only source of information about Diagnosis for Migraine without Aura.

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