Heart Murmurs ai??i?? Treatment and Prevention of Heart Murmurs

Heart murmurs are the unusual sounds heard during the heartbeat cycle. They range from very faint to very loud murmurs. They sound like a swishing or whooshing noise. Normal heartbeats make a lub-dubb sounds that are heard during the closing of heart valves. Heart murmurs often arise due to conditions such as infections, heart problems and congenital heart problems. The treatment and prevention of heart murmurs are discussed below.

Heart Murmurs Treatment
Depending on the cause of the heart murmur, doctor suggests the required treatment that includes medications or surgery.

Medications ai??i?? Doctor may prescribe medications depending on the heart problem the patient faces.
The medications generally suggested are:

  • Statins ai??i?? They lower the cholesterol that may worsen heart valve problems, including heart murmurs.
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors ai??i?? They lower the blood pressure since high blood pressure results in causing heart murmurs.
  • Water pills (diuretics) ai??i?? They remove excess fluids from the body.
  • Anticoagulants ai??i?? They prevent blood clots forming in the heart that may lead to heart stroke or attack.
  • Digitalis (dioxin) ai??i?? They make the heart squeeze harder that may reduces the heart murmurs.

Surgical treatment
Surgical treatment includes open heart surgery and cardiac catherization. In catherization, a catheter is inserted in the groin through an artery and the catheter is threaded through the veins upto the heart to treat the heart murmur. The procedure includes:

  • A hole is patched in the heart
  • Valve is fixed or replaced
  • Blood vessel is rebuild
  • By inserting a mesh, the blood vessel is widened

How to prevent Heart Murmurs
Prevention of heart murmurs is related to the cause. Treatment of high blood pressure can prevent the congestive heart failure. Treatment of strep throat infection can prevent rheumatic fever. Many of the conditions that cause heart murmurs cannot be prevented. Many murmurs do not cause any harm and go away on their own. Hence, prevention is not much a concern.

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