20 Phobias You Thought Didn’t Exist

A phobia refers to an irrational and constant fear of certain situation, people, animal or activity. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, almost 18% of Americans suffer from some kind of phobia, the most common being fear of public speaking. Besides this, there are some phobias which are hard to imagine but they do exist. Read on to find out what they are called.

20 phobias you thought didn’t exist

Peladophobia (scared of bald people)– It is a fear of people who are bald. Such people do not like to be in the company of people with receding hairline.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (scared of long words)- Try pronouncing that word correctly! Are you scared of such long words? Well, that’s what it means. It is the fear of long words.

Arachibutyrophobia (scared of peanut butter spoiling the mouth)- Arachibutyrophobia refers to the fear of peanut butter getting stuck on the roof of the mouth.

Lachanophobia (scared of vegetables)- The vegetarians would not like this phobia. It means fear of vegetables.

Defecaloesiophobia (scared of painful bowel movements)- There’s actually a word for fear of painful bowel movements and it’s called Defecaloesiophobia.

Kathisophobia (scared of sitting down)- People who have irrational fear of sitting down are said to be suffering from Kathisophobia.

Unatractiphobia (scared of ugly people)- This one is the height of vanity. When someone is phobic to ugly people, they are Unatractiphobic.

Venustraphobia (scared of beautiful women)- And this is the opposite. People who are afraid of beautiful women.

Ergophobia (scared of work)- Now you have a valid reason for not working. The condition where people are afraid of work is called Ergophobia.

Workplace phobia (scared of workplace)- Don’t let your boss read this. If the workplace frightens you, chances are you are suffering from workplace phobia.

Gamophobia (scared of marriage)- There’s a name for all the commitment-phobic people, it is gamophobia.

Rhytiphobia (scared of getting wrinkles)-Men or women who are constantly afraid of the ugly signs of aging are said to be suffering from rhytiphobia.

Ephebiphobia (scared of teenagers)- People who are uncomfortable in the company of teenagers are ephebiphobic.

Ablutophobia (scared of washing and bathing)- One who has an irrational fear of taking bath or washing has ablutopobia. It is more common in women and children.

Didaskaleinophobia (scared of going to school)- Some children tend to have this abnormal fear of schools. This amounts to didaskaleinophobia.

Nomophobia (scared of being out of contact with mobile phone contact)- I guess the whole world is suffering from the fear of not being in contact with their mobile phone.

Panphobia (scared of everything)- If one happens to fear everything in life, he is said to be panphobic.

Geliophobia (scared of laughter)- If the sound of laughter irritates or scares someone, he has Geliophobia.

Anatidaephobia (scared of being watched by a duck)- Sometimes people feel that they are constantly being watched by a duck. This bizarre fear is termed as Anatidaephobia.

Gephyrophobia (scared of bridges)- Does the thought of crossing bridges give you the jitters? That’s called Gephyrophobia.

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