Top 10 Popular Poisons of the 20th and 21st Century

Poisons are meant to cause disturbances in organisms. When a living organism absorbs a certain quantity of a poison, the individual undergoes imbalances in the chemical and biological reactions of the body. Poison became famous with movies, where villains and vamps used it to ‘get it over’.

10. Castor Bean
Castor oil is an essential addictive used in foods like candy and chocolate. But it is very disconcerting to know that the castor bean ( the fruit) is rich in a poison called ricin. Even chewing a little portion of the fruit can be fatal.

9. Belladonna
With the name that means beautiful woman, the extract was used in beauty products in earlier times. Women applied this on eyes to get a wide-eyed appearance. The belladonna extract can dilate the pupils, making the eye look widely placed. But this is extremely senseless and dangerous as an application.

8. Fiddleback Spider Venom
The brown recluse or the fiddleback is one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. It measures for less than half an inch and is venomous. If the fiddleback bites, the bite is generally painless or sensation-less, but gradually the victim can be in agony in about 8 hours. The number of casualties is rare but the symptoms of vomiting, necrosis, blisters, delirium can be severe.

7. Pufferfish Venom
The tetraodontoxin located in the ovaries of the puffer-fish is the poisonous part of the fish. Heat and cooking cannot degrade the poison. So it requires special attention and expertise to eat it.

6. Heroin
Heroin is a special poison that acts on the respiratory system, depressing the central nervous system. Affecting the central nervous system, causes a feeling of euphoria (a feeling of great joy and pleasure).

5. Hemlock
Hemlock is famous for its role in the history. When Socrates disagreed to flee, he drank the hemlock and died. Since then hemlock has been known as a deadly poison. The hemlock poison causes muscle failure leading to death.

4. Snake Venom
All snakebites are not poisonous. There are a lot of factors that can decide on the level of toxicity of a snakebite. The most poisonous snakes include – the adders, vipers and cobras. The symptoms following a snakebite are bleeding from the eyes, nose and gums, swelling at the site of biting, vomiting, organ failure as well as pain at the site of the bite.

3. Arsenic
Arsenic is famous for the murders since the historical times. Arsenic has always been a favorite murder weapon. Traces of arsenic are present in human tissues. But when used as a poison, it results in diarrhoea and vomiting with blood due to severe gastric discomfort.

2. Strychnine
If given with the correct dose, a victim can die within 10-20 minutes of consumption. It attacks the central nervous system and exaggerates the reflex reactions. The victim will suffer from sever agony of deformations and death pangs. This has been observed to be an efficient murder weapon in fictions and old-murder mystery shows.

1. Cyanide
Cyanide tops the list being the most deadliest and most popular poison. It prevents the RBCs of the body from absorbing oxygen and resulting in internal asphyxia.

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