Top 5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations

Have you been planning and preparing for your wedding, the most important day in your life? Are you confused where to go for your honeymoon? Do you want to try something different and unique to surprise your loved one? Then read on to know about some exotic and unique honeymoon ideas and destinations. There is travel, luxury, secluded islands and much more for you to choose from.

Top 5 unique honeymoon destinations
Here is a list of the best destinations to go for a honeymoon that are fun, romantic and different.

Deserted Islands in the Bahamas

bahamas 2

This is a place near the Southeast of the U.S. that is popular for its beauty and romance. But there are islands that are almost completely deserted and unexplored in the Bahamas that are equally breathtaking. Other than the few popular islands, there are a number of them that have almost no crowds and are completely isolated from the outside world.

bahamas 1

There are islands like Eleuthera, Long island, Exumas and many more that have beautiful secluded beaches and places to stay. This is the perfect place to go if you wish to cut away from the outside world on your honeymoon.

Picturesque Tahiti

tahiti 1

This is a small island country in the South Pacific, part of the French Polynesian islands. There are over-water bungalows and spas all over the place that are unique to this place. You can also go snorkeling, hiking, shopping and diving if you wish to have some variety during your honeymoon.

tahiti 2

This, although the most populated island in the region, has on offer places that are completely secluded and cut-off from everyone. This is the place to go if you want an intimate and quiet honeymoon. You can be completely away from everyone and enjoy time exclusively with your loved one.

Untouched countryside of Austria

austria 1

Austria is a country with scenic and spellbinding countryside that is almost completely untouched. Its landscape resembles that of France but is not as crowded or popular as its French counterpart. You can also indulge in classical music and the age-old culture of the place.

austria 2

It has small villages amid beautiful snow-capped mountains where you can spend quality time with your loved one. This place is almost picture-perfect and has a charm that makes it uniquely romantic. This is the place for you if you wish to have a romantic honeymoon but try something new.

Romantic Puerto Vellarta, Mexico

puerto vellarta 2

It is a city that reflects Mexico’s true beauty. It is rated as being one of the most amazing places for a romantic getaway. It is not as popular with youth looking for places to party and, therefore, is quiet and not very crowded. It is a good place to get a feel of Mexican life, art and culture.

puerto vellarta 1

You can spend quality time with your partner while exploring this vibrant city and enjoying its warm and sunny weather. This should be your pick if you are looking for sun-soaked beaches with bits of history thrown in to make your honeymoon even more exciting.

Adventurous Southeast Asia

southeast asia 1

Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are as yet unexplored and can make your honeymoon fun and adventurous. There are boat rides, elephant-back rides, whole markets on rivers and lakes, ancient remains, conflict ruins, and much much more. Each country has its own unique identity that makes traveling in this region even more exciting.

southeast asia 2

This would be the ideal pick if you have an adventurous streak and can take off for at least a few weeks. You can discover interesting places with your partner. You can choose to travel by train through all these places, exploring and taking in the romance of each destination.

southeast asia 3

This is our pick of the most unique and romantic honeymoon destinations scattered all over the globe. If you wish have a unique yet cherished honeymoon, try something different. Take your pick from these destinations.

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