Hematospermia ai??i?? Treatment and Prevention of Hematospermia

Hematospermia is a condition in which blood is ejaculated along with the semen. It is a rare condition seen in males that occurs as a result of inflammation or tumor of prostrate. The condition is characterized by severe bleeding at any point of seminal duct and the relative glands. The condition may sometimes lead to severe complications. It develops as a result of many causes such as infections and cancers of prostrate gland, urethra or seminal vesicles. The treatment and prevention of hematospermia are discussed below.

Hematospermia Treatment
Treatment of hematospermia depends upon the underlying cause. Doctor may suggest you medical or surgical treatment based on the cause.

  • Medications are prescribed if the condition is caused as a result of infection. Antibiotics are prescribed for short term usage. Side effects such as headaches, stomach upset or allergic reactions may occur by using antibiotics.
  • Surgery is suggested for the cancers and urethral strictures. Surgery involves risk of infections, bleeding and other complications.

Some men may have repeated ejaculation of blood in their semen. Some others may have only once. The treatment given to the person does not affect this at all. A better treatment can be provided to a person with a known cause for the blood in the semen. After a particular treatment is provided, the condition will not revert back.

What can be done to prevent Hematospermia
Hematospermia cannot be prevented since the actual cause is unknown. Infections of urethra and urethral strictures are caused due to the sexually transmitted diseases. The only method to prevent the risk of hematospermia is to practice safer sex or to avoid it.

The blood in the semen is not contagious. But if it occurs as a result of any sexually transmitted disease, the infection may be contagious. This is the only way that others may develop the risk of hematospermia.

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