Simple and Effective Public Speaking Tips

Do you dread giving a speech in front of a group of people? Do you always shy away from situations where you have to speak in public? A lot of people have trouble with public speaking. Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, stammering, speech problems etc are some of the reasons why people fear public speaking. People get nervous, start shivering, sweat a lot and find themselves to be at a complete loss of words even before they actually start speaking which is very normal. Most of the times, the fear of public speaking can be easily overcome by following a few simple tips.

Not every person is born with good public speaking skills. These skills can be picked up over a period of time. We present to you simple and effective public speaking tips which will help you in your personal and professional life.

1. The first and foremost tip that you need to remember is to know your audience. Knowing your audience will help you prepare better. You can also relate better with your audience if you are familiar with their background, preferences and general mentality. For example: If you are talking to college students, then you can use a casual tone and also include a bit of humor which would otherwise be a strict no-no in a proper business presentation.

2. Always involve your audience. Make it more interactive by asking questions and come up with small quizzes. Ask the audience to cite relevant examples or state a point and ask the audience to elaborate on it. No one likes a dull speech no matter how informative it is if there’s only listening involved.

3. Work on your body language. Hand gestures, movements and eye-contact help in building up the rapport with your audience. You can also stress on important points by making a gesture towards the audience to generate a response.

4. Do a proper research on the topic that you intend to speak on. Having a good knowledge of the subject will give you the confidence and you can answer any questions that the audience may pose.

5. If you are faced with a question from someone in the audience for which you do not have an answer, don’t come up with a vague answer. Be frank and tell the person that you would look for the answer or solution after the presentation and share it with him/her.

6. If you are worried about your voice modulation then you could try reading out a paragraph from a newspaper or any book everyday. Read out in a voice that is not too loud and ensure that your voice is not too low either. By practicing regularly, you would be able to speak in a voice that is audible and commanding at the same time.

7. Lastly, be properly dressed. People tend to judge you by your appearance and by the clothes you wear. If you are dressed in a casual tee and shorts for a presentation, there is a good chance that people might not take you seriously. Dress appropriately and this would give an impression to the audience that you are serious and know what you want to talk about.

A person who can speak confidently comes across as one who has clarity of thought. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder then public speaking is a very important skill that you should possess. Holding people’s attention when you speak is very tough. There are a lot of good public speakers who hold the audience’s attention. If you observe them closely, you would notice that they all share a few common traits which make them very good at public speaking. You could pick out a few more points and start practicing.

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