Depression and Chronic Pain

How close is the relation between depression and chronic pain? They are closely linked. As a matter of fact, chronic pain almost always makes the sufferers have depression.

In the medical world, a patient who has chronic pain often presents a complex diagnostic and management challenge. The stages of chronic pain, the psychiatric symptoms which often associated and the relation between depression and chronic pain are analyzed.

According to several analyses, it is very obvious that depression and chronic pain is a complicated problem. It takes a careful multidisciplinary approach to avoid the possibility of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment for the patient.

Pain is the Source of Depression
Most chronic pain patients have depression. The pain itself has become the source of depression. For some patients, chronic pain manifests anxiety and depression.

What makes diagnostic becomes a challenge is because pain absolutely subjective experience of the patient. It would be more difficult when the pain caused by traumatic experiences.

Wrong diagnostic will cause ineffective treatments. One of the implications of ineffective treatments would be narcotics addiction or drugs misuse. This behavior could make the pain gets worse.

Differences in Chronic Pain Patients
Chronic pain patients have differences and distinctive traits in relation with the implications.

Nevertheless, this distinction needs to be concerned since different type of pain brings different psychological implications. Furthermore, it also has different connotation to each patient.

The following examples will explain that different kinds of pain are likely to be linked with specific fears.

Patient who has genital pain fear about sexual loss
Cancer patients fear of dying

For this reason, clinicians have to sharpen their vigilance to the possibility of psychological origin of the pain. At the same time, they should also concern about physical disease as another possible cause of the pain.

You should consult with your doctor and other health care professionals to get a better knowledge and information about Depression and Chronic Pain.

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