Characteristics of Women Patients with Chronic Pain

What do you know about characteristics of chronic pain patient, especially women patients? For your information, the result of chronic pain in men and women patients may differ due to several factors.

You can read the factors of chronic pain in women in our article titled Women with Chronic Pain and The Relation of Individual Factors and Societal Factors with Chronic Pain in Women Patients.

Have you experienced physical pain before? Almost everyone has experienced physical pain in their life. On one hand, periods of physical pain are short and rare, such as occasional headache or stubbed finger.

On the other hand, pain might continue long after the common period of recovery after injury or illness. The causes of the pain might come from the result of progressive diseases, i.e., arthritis. This kind of pain is very well-known as chronic pain.

Chronic pain is also able to occur in the absence of injury or well-known disease, for example the case of tension headache. Related to this matter, pain becomes a persistent and occasionally creates problem in the suffererai??i??s daily lives and activities.

In relation with gender issue, women may have more problems when they have chronic pain, even though the gender difference is not related restrictedly to sex. There are many factors which cause extra problems for women with chronic pain. From the factors, we can find the characteristics of women patients with chronic pain.

The following characteristics may become examples:

  • Have lower incomes
  • Twice the frequency of depression
  • Less formal education

Chronic pain in women patients is also attributable to a combination of psychosocial and biological conditions definite to each sex.

Chronic pain also associated with other characteristics, such as:

Multiple chronic conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraine headaches
The occurrence of back pain may also become another trait, even though there are no significant difference between men and women

Regarding to potential impact, chronic pain in women patients are strongly related to:

  • High level of stress
  • Low levels of social support
  • Poor health
  • Higher levels of dependence on others
  • Higher medication usage
  • Higher levels of health care utilization
  • More functional interference with work and other activities

The sense of defeatism definitely characterizes the general attitude of women patients with chronic pain.

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