10 Wedding Traditions From Around the World!

Who doesn’t like weddings? The festivities, the celebrations and the excitement all add to the most romantic moment of your life. Every country follows its own wedding tradition. However, the crux of all these rituals is the same- to begin a new chapter of your life in a special way. We bring you some wedding traditions from across the globe that are sure to make you feel good.

10 Wedding Traditions from Around the World

The seven steps of commitment!
In India, the couple takes the seven steps together around the fire. This signifies friendship, commitment and being together through thick and thin.

The broom story!
In the African-American tradition, the newly-weds are made to jump over the broom. The gesture symbolizes the ai???sweepingai??? away of the past and a clean, fresh beginning.

Question of life!
This sounds interesting! In Russia, the groom has to overcome many obstacles before finally kissing his bride. One of the Herculean tasks is to answer the question about the bride. Moment of truth, shall we say???

A bag full of goodies!
In Italy, the bride carries a satin bag called ai???la borsaai???. She keeps all the moolah given by the guests in the goodie bag. This money helps the family meet the wedding expenses.

The wreath of maidenhood!
In Swiss tradition, the bride wears a wreath symbolizing her maidenhood. After the ceremony, the wreath is removed and then burned, signifying the beginning of her womanhood.

The wedding handkerchief!
A Belgian bride carries an embroidered handkerchief with her name on it. After the wedding, the handkerchief is hung on a prominent wall of the home till the next female of the house gets married.

Inside the veil!
It is mandatory for the American bride to wear the veil. It was believed that if the groom saw the bride and didnai??i??t like her, he would refuse to marry her. We wonder if this holds true even now.

A smashing celebration!
The post-wedding party at the Greek wedding is a huge affair of dancing, feasting and merry-making. Dishes are smashed on the floor to ward off evil spirits.

A breaking ritual!
When the Sri Lankan couple steps down from the wedding platform, family and friends break coconuts to protect the newly-weds from the evil spirits. What a break!

Playing games!
After the ceremony, the Chinese groom goes to the bride’s house. His way is blocked by the bridesmaids and bride’s friends. The groom has to ai???buyai??? his way inside the house through money.

So, if you are planning to take the big plunge, you have plenty of options on how to go about it.

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