Diabetes and Depression Increase the Risk of Heart Disease

Type 2 Diabetes and Depression are prevalent in the American society. Nexus between Type 2 Diabetes and Heart disease exists in medical history. Similarly, research has found that depression and heart disease are also related. But there are very few reports which present the association of Type 2 Diabetes and Depression together with Heart disease. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

Knowledge Gained From Research:

  • A research study was carried out in the Duke University Medical center in the year 2007.
  • The study comprised of 900 heart patients.
  • Psychologists from that institution at the end of the study found that diabetic and depressed heart patients were more likely to die than only heart patients.
  • This risk of die early, among the diabetic,depressed heart patients, was found to be around 20 to 30 percent in the study.
  • The relation between Type 2 Diabetes and Depression is not known completely yet.
  • But the researchers suggest Doctors to look out for the presence of these disorders during the diagnosis of heart ailments in patients.
  • Life with Type 2 Diabetes, requires following a strict life style pattern.
  • Depressed diabetic patients cannot follow this regime on daily basis with low motivation levels.
  • As a result, the risk of these patients getting affected with with heart ailments rises.
  • Though this is not the exact reason, future research on this topic focuses on better understanding the nexus mechanism between Diabetes and Depression.
  • Prevalent bad habits and health issues like smoking, drug abuse, obesity, blood pressure and sedentary life style are secondary factors contributing to the complication of the situation.

Significance of this Research on American Society: 24 Million people or 8 percent of American population suffers from Type 2 Diabetes. Nearly equal number of people (21 Million), are diagnosed with Depression every year. 6 Million people do not know that they have diabetes. In the case of depression, patients show strong reluctance to be accept the fact that they are depressed. This delays treatment further. Diabetes is a physical disorder and Depression is a mental disorder. And both these disorders are incurable until date. Awareness in the society at large scale and realization at personal level to respect our body can make the difference.

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