Top 10 Abused Drugs

Imagine drugs resulting in death or life-threatening diseases. But this is a truth, which is very bitter to be swallowed. The discovery of the drugs was to cure ailments, but these drugs are now abused. Most of the abused drugs are not illegal. The symptoms and treatment varies from person to person depending on the class of drug involved.

Abuse of therapeutic substances is a common problem today so it is essential to have a clear idea on the drugs. We have collected a list of 10 therapeutic substances that are mostly abused.

1. Tobacco
Usage of tobacco holds the top rank in the abuse. More than 46.5 million smokers are present in the US. Every year more than 400,00 cases of death are reported each year based on tobacco intake. Tobacco contains Nicotine, which is one of the most studied drugs during the beginning of the century. These have been found effective in treating mental or neuronal disorders.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol is legally available for use and consumption. It is prepared from the carbohydrates by the action of certain yeasts. When taken in smaller quantities as medicines mixtures, it can effectively treat heart problems, reduce blood clots and many more. But when consumed in excess amounts, it can result in failure of the liver and kidney. Alcohol addiction is another common problem.

3. Prescription Drugs
The most mistreated over-the-counter drugs are Opioids. Opioid is a pain reliever (analgesic). Due to its capabilities of sedation and numbness, it is misused. Most of the OTC medicines which are sedating are ill-used like – depressants (such as Librium, Valium or Xanax), stimulants (like Dexedrine, Ritalin or Meridia) and many more.

4. Methamphetamine
Metamphetamine is a powerful medicine to treat obesity. But long-term use even in smaller quantities can also be fatal. Consumption without prescription can increase physical activity and cause increased wakefulness and convulsions gradually leading to death.

5. Marijuana
Marijuana is considered the no.1 illegal substance across the globe. Its major drawback is the severity of addiction where the hooked person can even kill himself if refrained from the drug. There are a few evidences showing the medicinal use of marijuana plant (called cannabis). It has been used as a relief from vomiting or nausea, stimulation of hunger in patients undergoing chemotherapy and AIDS, glaucoma treatment as well as pain relieving.

6. MDMA (Ecstasy)
MDMA (Ecstasy) are tablets mistreated due to its effect of promoting positive feelings and extreme joy of relaxation. The common names of this drug are hug-drug or love-drug. People who are weak mentally or psychologically affected, tend to use these drugs for all night stimulation. Taking advantages, few people even use this drug as a mode of molestation or rape by luring young girls.

7. Cocaine
‘Crack’ is much famous for its abusive use. Crack is nothing else than cocaine. When consumed, cocaine causes constriction of the blood vessels, increase in the heart beat, increase in the blood pressure and rise in body temperature. Prolonged use can also result in lung trauma, chest pains and bleeding. So be aware to get addicted to cocaine.

8. Heroin
Heroin is a very common name, popular in movies, sports and commercial visuals due to its abusive nature. Today heroin is illegally available, but it was once very useful pain remedy in clinical studies. This medicinal drugs is now totally abused. Its only use is to stimulate cheap thrills and momentary gratifications.

9. Steroids
Steroids have been popular for its dietary use in sports persons and athletes. The prime aim of using this drug as a food supplement in these people is its ability to promote muscle growth. But people today are using this drug for physical improvement, body-building and stamina enhancement. The side-effects of these can be really dangerous and extremely hazardous.

10. Inhalants
Inhalants are also abused to cause asphyxia, sudden deaths, hallucinations or suffocation. But now a days people are no more getting more exposed to this. It is available only in the form of cleaning solutions, hair solutions, plastic cement or nail removers.

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