Bulimia – Treatment, Prevention and Natural Remedies of Bulimia

Bulimia is also called bulimia nervosa which is a potentially serious eating disorder. A person suffering from this disorder may binge and purge. They eat large amount of food and then try to get rid of the food in an unhealthy way like vomiting after a meal or exercising vigorously to burn the calories. New research states that some percentage of sufferers have genetic predisposition to develop this disorder. Long term treatments are required that include psychological counseling and medications like antidepressants.

Treatment for Bulimia
The main intervention for bulimia is psychotherapy along with anti-depressants. Treatment involves a team of specialists along with your family members.The treatment options include:

Psychotherapy is also called as talk therapy, counseling or psychosocial therapy.
The types of psychotherapy include:

Individual therapy

  • In this therapy individual care is taken and this therapy gives a safe place to solve problems.
  • This type of therapy is called the cornerstone as it is a very effective method.
  • Psychological issues like inner fears and problems with self esteem are corrected.
  • The main goal is to develop healthy thinking and correct the behavioral disorders that they suffer with food and relationships.

Family Therapy

  • Family based therapy is found to be very effective for adolescents and children.
  • The important aspect is to involve the family to make sure that the person follows a healthy eating pattern and restore the weight of the person suffering.
  • This resolves any kind of conflicts within the family and grant support for the person suffering from bulimia.

Group Therapy

  • In this therapy a group of people suffering from the same disorder is involved.
  • When they are in a group, they are allowed to discuss on the common problems that they face.
  • They are allowed to express the feelings of isolation, fears, guilt and shame.
  • Groups assist to deal with emotional feelings like anger, depression and anxiety.

The doctor may prescribe medications depending on the condition or the severity. They include:

  • Antidepressants
  • Anti Anxiety drugs
  • Antacids

Weight restoration and nutrition education

  • The first goal of treatment is to focus on stopping the vicious cycle of binging and purging.
  • The patient is taught to monitor the eating habits, avoid situations or places that trigger binges, cope with stress, eat regularly and fight against the urge to purge.
  • Eat three meals and two snacks a day and avoid unhealthy diets.
  • Reduce the concern about body weight and shape.

Though there is no way to prevent prevent bulimia, there can be certain ways that help for early diagnosis. They include:

  • Regular check ups: When your child is taken to a pediatrician for regular examination, the doctor can talk to your child and find the eating patterns and diagnose the disorder at an early stage and start treatment to avoid further complications.
  • Parents: They play a major role because no matter how your child looks, never try to tease them or joke about their size, shape and appearance. If you notice a family member or friend with severe dieting and dissatisfaction about their appearance, talk to them and guide them to a professional for treatment before the condition worsens.

Natural Remedies in the treatment of bulimia
Some of the natural remedies include:

  • Linden: One spoonful of dried flowers In a cup of water is taken daily up to three or four glasses.
  • Valerian: The root extracts of this plant is taken and is found to be effective for spasms, vomits, stress and nervous exhaustion.
  • Lemon balm: Dry leaves of this plant are taken in a water of glass. This mixture is taken three times a day.
  • Alfalfa: The juice of this herb is taken daily as it helps in the treatment of slow digestion that bulimics suffer from very frequently.
  • St.John’s wort: This herb is a natural anti-depressant and lifts the mood. Herbal extracts are used.
  • Fennel seeds: Chew few fennel seeds as this helps to prevent the binging process and increases the appetite of bulimics.
  • Diet: Eat a healthy diet by modifying your eating patterns and never skip meals as this keeps you healthy.

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