Women with Chronic Pain

If you are a woman, do your suffer with chronic pain? How do your surroundings treat you regarding to your pain? What are the effects of chronic pain to your life?

For women, chronic pain can be an extra burden in their life. Why chronic pain can be an extra burden to women? It relates to many factors, such as individual factor and societal factor.

Apart from the gender, chronic pain is a major dilemma for afflicted individuals, the government (health care system) and private sector.

Chronic pain often associated with the following factors:

  • Psychological adjustment of the afflicted individual
  • Deficits in quality of life
  • Reduced income potential
  • Disability
  • High levels of health care operation
  • High cost to private industry

Definition of Chronic Pain
Chronic pain defines as any persistent or continuous pain for a period longer than three months and can occur for months or even years.

Chronic pain affects all the people apart from their ages, gender or ethnic backgrounds.

Nevertheless, based on several studies, chronic pain constantly found that the burden of pain is higher for women than those of men.

Factors Associated with Chronic Pain in Women

Biological factors
In terms of biological factors, women may have different result in pain than those of men. The examples of sex-specific sources of pain can be women’s hormonal variations and changes in women’s reproductive functions.

Psychological factors
In term of psychological factors, women have differences with men in the cognitive and emotional processing of the pain.

Social factors
In term of social factors, women definitely have differences with men. They have differences which might be potential sources of pain, such as:

  • Societal role
  • Family role
  • Occupational role

Individual factors
In term of individual factors, the following things might have relation with chronic pain in women:

  • Age
  • Socio-economic variables
  • Socio-economic status
  • Educational levels
  • Psychological distress

In our next article about women with chronic pain, we will write further about individual factors and societal factors along with their relation with chronic pain.

You should consult with your doctor and other health care professionals to get a better knowledge and information about Treatment of Chronic Pain.

Kindly bear in mind, this article is not solely intended as the only source of information about Treatment of Chronic Pain.

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