Top 5 Volunteering Travel Ideas for 2010

Do you wish to take a break from your boring routine? Do you wish to make your vacation more worthwhile and fun? With the ever-growing number of travelers who wish to make their vacation more meaningful, there are some interesting options that have sprung up. Organizations that constantly require helping hands have devised many short trips for people who wish to help out while exploring new destinations.

Top 5 volunteering travel ideas for 2010
Here we give you some ideas in case you want to travel, volunteer, and have loads of fun, all at the same time.

United Nations Volunteer Program: The UN has projects running in almost every region of the world with a wide range of activities and programs. If you sign up for any of their programs, you can be assured of a visa, travel arrangements and other formalities like vaccinations, all paid for by the UN. Along with this, you also get a stipend and grant in accordance with the local standards.

Most programs require you to have in-depth knowledge of and substantial experience in the chosen field of volunteering. A majority of their programs run for about two years, although they are now increasing the number of shorter programs for those who cannot enroll for two years. These short programs go on for about six months to a year.

i-to-i Volunteer Vacations: You can check out this organization if you wish to take a spring break with a difference. They have programs running in different parts of the world that last long enough for you to enjoy a nice spring break. They have a wide variety of projects, ranging from sea turtle conservation to preservation of lakes to building homes.

You can choose which program you want to opt for depending on what kind of vacation you are looking for. There are options to work in a village, on a sunny beach, build homes or get into wildlife conservation. Their programs are generally well-planned so you don’t have to go through the effort of planning a whole vacation.

The Artcorps: The programs of this organization are designed specifically for trained and professional artists. These programs concentrate on teaching with the help of art to troubled communities around the world. They encourage the use of art as a medium of expression.

You might have to spend a bit from your pocket or raise funds for small expenses like vaccinations etc., but the organization pays for all the travel expenses. They also pay a small stipend to volunteers. Their programs generally last for about eleven months.

Winrock International: This organization works towards a more calculated and sustainable use of resources. They use this ideology as their foundation to help communities have more civil empowerment and become economically independent.

Their programs are perfect for those who are planning to take a short trip but cannot take a long break. Most projects last for about two or three weeks, including the travel time. The trips are completely paid for, along with a small per-day stipend as well. Their projects run in different parts of Asia, Africa and South America.

Habitat for Humanity: This international organization helps in rebuilding homes that have been ravaged by natural and other calamities. The locations of their projects keep changing according to requirements and needs in different parts of the world. Right now, they have active projects along the Gulf coast that was torn apart by storms last year.

Their projects are a big draw for students wanting to do something different in their breaks. The negative of this, however, could be that they usually do not pay for any expenses and you have to arrange for most of the funds yourself.

If you have a passion for traveling and a drive to do some good work at the same time, there are options galore. You can choose the organization as well as the location of your travel and volunteering to have a fun and constructive vacation.

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