More on Abdominal Pain Treatment

What would you do as a treatment when you have abdominal pain, especially in your house?

Even though most cases of abdominal pain is not serious, you still should concern about it since some cases of abdominal pain get worse and require medical intervention due to lack of treatment.

Back to the question, do you know any specific action to ease your abdominal pain? Before we go to the answer, luckily, most abdominal pain will go away without any special treatment.

You may have better guidelines from your doctor or health care professionals about how to deal with abdominal pain in your house.

Home Care

Apart from their advices, we have some advices which might helpful for you to treat your abdominal pain in your house.

The things to ease the pain are as follows:

  • Place a wrapped wheat bag (you may wrap it in a towel) on your stomach.
  • Put a wrapped hot water bottle on your stomach (for the first and second suggestion, the point of wrapping the wheat bag or hot water bottle is to avoid direct contact to your skin).
  • Drink lots of clear fluids, such as watery or cordial juice, pure water, or others. Continue it with consume bland foods, such as rice, bananas, toast, or crackers. Nevertheless, you better ask your doctor since you might have to avoid certain foods.
  • Take a lot of rest.
  • You may try over-the-counter antacids to help you to reduce some categories of pain, such as heartburn or indigestion. You should contact your doctor when the pain does not relieve.
  • You may take mild painkillers as well. Read about the right dose first before you consume them. You better avoid anti-inflammatory medications except otherwise directed by your doctor. Please be careful since some kinds of these drugs can make some categories of your abdominal pain worse.

Most of abdominal pain goes away without surgery intervention. Most of abdominal pain sufferers need taking only relief from their symptoms.

Occasionally, abdominal pain will stop and the cause of the pain would never be known. Probably, the cause of this abdominal pain has relation with time.

Precautionary Action
Prepare yourself if you do not have abdominal pain yet. You better concern on your food and drink that you consume.

Here are general guidance of precautionary actions:

  • Concern on your food
    It would be better for you to consume fruits, vegetables, nuts as 90 percent of your daily consumption. If you want to eat meat, fish would be a very good choice.
  • Concern on your beverages
    Consume sufficient amount of pure water according to your body proportion. You should avoid all kinds of alcoholic beverages due to their negative effects.
  • Exercise regularly
    You want to keep healthy and fit? Exercise regularly would be the best possible answer.
  • Avoid stress
    Yes, stress may become the cause of your abdominal pain. Therefore, try to avoid stress by meditation, increase social contacts, etc.
  • Get enough rest
    Your body needs rest. Make it by having sleeping duration between 6 to 8 hours daily. It would be better if you have a permanent sleeping time.
  • Avoid overeating

You should consult with your doctor, clinicians and other health care professionals to get a better knowledge and information about Abdominal Pain (stomach pain) Treatments.

Kindly bear in mind, this article is not solely intended as the only source of information about Abdominal Pain Treatments.

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