Glomerulonephritis ai??i?? Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies for Glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis is also called as glomerular disease is a kidney disorder that damages the kidneys ability to remove excess and waste fluids. It can be acute i.e sudden inflammation of kidney or chronic i.e inflammation develops slowly. It is known as primary glomerulonephritis, if it occurs on its own and called as secondary glomerulonephritis, if it occurs as a result of other infections or diseases. The treatment, prevention and remedies for glomerulonephritis are discussed below.

Glomerulonephritis Treatment
Treatment of glomerulonephritis depends on certain factors such as:

  • The severity and type of your signs and symptoms
  • The main underlying cause
  • Whether you have chronic or acute form of the disease

Treatment of glomerulonephritis includes medical and therapeutic treatments

Medical Treatment
Doctor may recommend several medications to control the high blood pressure and reduce the abnormal functioning of your kidney. Any of the following mentioned medications may be prescribed:

  • Angiotensin II receptor agonists
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
  • Diuretics

Doctor may prescribe medications to treat the underlying causes of glomerulonephritis. They include:

  • Goodpasture’s syndrome ai??i?? Plasmapheresis process is suggested to treat this syndrome. This is a mechanical process that takes out the plasma from your body thus removing antibodies and replaces it with donated plasma.
  • IgA nephropathy ai??i?? Fish oil supplements are suggested and proved to be very successful in treating IgA neuropathy.
  • Vasculitis or lupus ai??i?? Corticosteroids and immune-suppressing drugs are prescribed.
  • Strep or other bacterial infections ai??i?? Appropriate antibiotics are prescribed based on the type of bacterial infection.

Therapeutic Treatment
Temporary dialysis is the therapeutic procedure that helps in removal of excess fluids and thus controls high blood pressure. This is mainly performed for acute glomerulonephritis and acute kidney failure.

Kidney transplantation and kidney dialysis are the therapeutic procedures provided for chronic glomerulonephritis. Transplantation is not always possible as it involves risks hence dialysis is the only best option.

Prevention of Glomerulonephritis
Here are some steps that help you to prevent the risk of glomerulonephritis:

  • Control your blood pressure levels. This decreases the likelihood of kidney damage caused from high blood pressure.
  • Control your blood sugar. This reduces the risk of diabetic nephropathy.
  • Avoid intravenous drug usage and follow safe sex guidelines. This helps to prevent infections such as hepatitis and HIV that may lead to glomerulonephritis.
  • Seek an immediate treatment if you are infected with streptococcus that causes impetigo or sore throat.

Home Remedies for Glomerulonephritis
Some of the common home remedies for glomerulonephritis are:

  • Coconut water ai??i?? Take water of one green tender coconut 1 to 2 times a day. Tender coconut water is an excellent remedy for glomerulonephritis.
  • Grapes ai??i?? Grapes possess high amounts of water and potassium salts. They are an excellent remedy for acute and chronic glomerulonephritis.
  • Fasting on vegetable juices ai??i?? Taking only vegetable juices for 7 to 10 days cutting rest of the food is the safest treatment for acute glomerulonephritis. This removes the toxins and other impurities that are responsible for the kidney inflammations.
  • Avocado ai??i?? This fruit contains small protein and large mineral contents and is a very effective remedy.
  • Banana ai??i?? This fruit contains high carbohydrate, low protein and low salt content and is a good remedy for glomerulonephritis.

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