Addiction – Treatment, Prevention and Natural Remedies of Addiction

Addiction is a complex disorder characterized by a compulsive use of drug or alcohol. People who are addicted feel an uncontrollable and overwhelming need for alcohol or drugs. Addiction causes functional and structural changes in the brain. When such changes occur, it becomes more challenging for a person to stop alcohol or drug addiction. Treatment involves psychotherapy and dealing with other psychiatric and social problems which leads to sustained recovery and a life without drug abuse.

The treatment includes organized inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, attending self help groups and counseling sessions. Therapies can help you overcome addiction. They include:

Teaching skills and establishing a treatment plan

  • Psychiatrists and other professionals specialized in de-addiction are involved.
  • Goals are set and behavioral change techniques are followed.
  • The follow up care is done in a hospital or inpatient treatment.


  • Family or individual counseling with a psychiatrist or addiction counselor may give you techniques to resist temptation of the drug or alcohol.
  • Behavioral therapies can help you with drug cravings.
  • Counseling involves discussing about your legal problems, job, relationship with family and friends.
  • Family therapy where your family members are involved.
  • In group therapy, people suffering from the same problem and are brought together.
  • They discuss the problems they face with each other and this helps them to vent their negative feelings.

Self-help groups

  • Alcoholics anonymous and Narcotics anonymous are the names of support groups which exist for people addicted to drugs like cocaine, narcotics and all the other harmful substances.
  • These self help groups are important as they help a person come out of any addiction.

The best way to prevent is not to take any kind of drug at all. It is very important to prevent drug abuse among children. To prevent addiction in children the steps include:

  • Talk to your children about the risks of addiction.
  • Listen to your child when he or she explains about the peer pressure and be supportive of their effort to resist the pressure.
  • As a parent set a good example and never get addicted to any substance because a child may see you and learn such unhealthy habits.
  • Strengthen your bond with your child as this will reduce your child’s risk of addiction.

Preventing a relapse
Once you are addicted for a long time and if you have taken treatment, there are chances of you to start drug abuse again. The steps to follow prevent a relapse include:

  • Avoid situations like those places from where you got drugs previously.
  • If you start using the drug or alcohol, talk to your doctor or someone who can help you immediately.
  • Stick to the treatment plan and if you get recovered, consult your psychotherapist regularly.

Alternative therapy
There are a number of alternative therapies to help you recover from addiction.They include:

  • Meditation: Meditation can help you gain your attention and remove thoughts that cause stress.
  • Yoga: Deep breathing exercises can help you to manage stress.
  • Acupuncture: Thin needles are inserted at the pressure points and this may relieve craving for drugs and reduces withdrawal symptoms.
  • Spiritual Practice: Regular spiritual practice makes it easy to recover from the addiction.

How to cure addiction with Natural Remedies?
The cure for addiction naturally includes:

  • Skullcap: Skullcap is a plant that helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms.
  • Noni fruit: This fruit extracts helps in the detoxification phase for the treatment of addiction.
  • Kava Kava: This herb is found to be very useful in treating addicted patients.
  • Ashwagandha: This herb has been very successful in treating addiction due to opium.
  • Healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle helps you to recover from this illness.

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