Asbestosis – Treatment and Prevention of Asbestosis

Asbestosis is a disorder of the lungs which is caused by inhaling tiny components called asbestos. Deposition of these tiny fibers in the lungs cause scarring of the pulmonary tissue and symptoms like shortness of breath may range from mild to severe. The signs and symptoms does not appear until years of exposure. Asbestosis does not occur if you follow safety procedures. The treatment may focus on relieving the symptoms.

Treatment for Asbestosis

Though there is no cure and treatment that can reverse lung damage caused by asbestos. Treatment for asbestosis is divided into three main types. They include:

Surgical Intervention

  • Surgery includes diagnostic and treatment procedures.
  • Diagnostic procedures include needle aspiration, thoracentesis, thoracotomy and mediastinoscopy.
  • Lung transplants are done when asbestosis is accompanied with severe lung diseases like lung cancer or emphysema.


  • Pain medications, bronchodilators and antibiotics may be prescribed by the doctor.
  • Bronchodilators help to relieve shortness of breath.
  • Antibiotics may be given to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Take medications with the prescription of a doctor.

Alternative Treatments
There are many other alternative therapies used to cure this disease of lungs. They include:

  • Acupuncture: This procedure involves the insertion of the needle at particular trigger points in the body. This is the best alternative therapy for asbestosis and for other conditions.
  • Meditation: Meditation can relieve anxiety and stress. Breathing exercises and meditation when done in combination, they help patients breathe easily. Yoga also can help to increase the lung capacity.
  • Massage Therapy: Various forms of massage therapy may be effective in reducing pain and shortness of breath. This therapy has no side effects.
  • Diet: Avoid food additives and reduce the use of diary products and gluten as they can make the breathing easier.


  • The only way to prevent the level of exposure is to use face masks.
  • Training should be given to the employees working in areas where they are exposed to asbestos.
  • If you need repair or removal of an asbestos product, its best to have it done by a professional.
  • A healthy and a safe environment can be created by following safety precautions to prevent getting affected with asbestosis infection.

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