Arrhythmia – Treatment, Prevention and Natural Remedies for Arrhythmia

Arrhythmia occurs when the electrical impulses in the heart that coordinates the heart beat does not function causing the heart to beat slow, fast or some times heart beats irregularly. This disorder occurs very commonly and is harmless most of the time but some arrhythmia’s may be life-threatening and require treatment.

Treatment of Arrhythmia
If you have an arrhythmia, treatment may or may not be necessary. If the arrhythmia is causing specific symptoms or putting you at a risk of a more serious arrhythmia and some complications are occurring, then the doctor may plan the following interventions. They include:

Treating slow heart beats

  • Slow heart rate can be treated by implanting small, battery powered device near the collar bone.
  • The electrode tipped wires run through the pacemaker from the blood vessels into the inner part of heart.
  • The pacemaker sends electrical impulses that keeps stimulating the heart to beat at a normal and steady pace.

Treating fast heartbeats
Treatments for fast heart beats may include the following:

  • Vagal maneuvers: Certain maneuvers are practised to stop an arrhythmia and they include dunking your face in ice water, holding your breath or coughing. These maneuvers have a direct effect on the central nervous system that controls heartbeat.
  • Medications: The doctor may prescribe anti-arrhythmic drugs which helps in the reduction of frequent episode of arrhythmia (fast heart beat). The drugs dosage should be exactly as directed by a doctor, to avoid further complications.
  • Cardioversion: This is an electrical shock which helps in resetting the heart to its regular or normal rhythm.
  • Ablation Therapy: In this therapy, catheters are inserted through the blood vessels into the heart. These catheters are positioned in those areas of the heart where a doctor diagnoses the sources of arrhythmia.
  • Implantable Devices: Heart arrhythmia’s are often treated by implanting devices like the pacemaker and implantable cardioverter- defibrillator. These are battery powered devices that detects the heart rate if it is too slow or fast and then it sends high or low energy shocks to reset the heart rhythm to a normal beat.

Surgical Interventions
In some cases, doctor can advise for a surgery. Different surgical interventions include:

Maze procedure

  • In this procedure, the surgeon makes a series of incisions on the upper half of the heart.
  • These scars heal and form boundaries that sends electrical impulse to the heart.
  • This helps the heart to beat efficiently.

Ventricular aneurysm surgery

  • Sometimes aneurysm in a blood vessel can cause an arrhythmia.
  • This procedure involves the removal of the aneurysm and arrhythmia can be eliminated.

Coronary bypass surgery

  • If the person is suffering from a severe coronary artery disease, then the doctor may advise for a coronary bypass surgery.
  • This improves the blood circulation to the heart and reduces the frequency of arrhythmia.

Prevention of heart disease
The only way to prevent tachycardia is to eliminate the risk factors that can lead to heart disease. The risk factors include:

  • Live a heart healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy and low fat diet.
  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutritious diet that has vegetables, fruits and whole grain
  • Maintain a healthy weight by regular exercise.
  • Keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control.
  • Stop smoking and if you are not able to do it on your own, discuss with your doctor about different programs or methods to break your smoking habit.
  • When you consume alcohol, drink in moderation or avoid it completely depending on your condition.
  • Try to limit your caffeine intake.
  • Avoid stress and learn various coping techniques.
  • Go for regular checkups and report to your doctor if you notice certain signs and symptoms.
  • If you have heart diseases, understand your treatment plan and take your medications as prescribed.

Natural Remedies for Arrhythmia
Some of the natural remedies that can be followed includes:

  • Hawthorne berries and tops are an old heart tonic, that helps to regulate the heart.
  • Ginkgo biloba are herbs that help to keep blood vessels and circulation strong.
  • Horse chestnut is another herb that helps in the normal functioning of the heart.
  • Japanese researchers have shown that reishi mushroom can also keep the heart strong by improving the blood circulation.

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