Baker’s Cyst – Treatment and Home Remedies of Baker’s CYst

A baker’s cyst is also known as popliteal cyst, is the swelling of the knee joint caused by the accumulation of the synovial fluid at the back of your knee at the popliteal area of the knee. The excessive collection of synovial fluid gets compressed by the body weight and gets trapped between the bones of the knee joint.and thus separates from the joint to form fluid filled sac called the baker cyst. This cyst can be treated by the removal of the excess fluid depending on the severity of the condition.

Treatment of Baker’s cyst
In many of the cases, no treatment is needed and the cyst will disappear on its own. The treatment includes:

Physical therapy

  • To reduce swelling and pain apply cold compress.
  • Crutches can be used when the pain is severe.
  • Consult your physician and try to do gentle range of exercises for the strengthening of muscles.
  • This kind of gentle movement can reduce the symptoms and preserves knee function.

Fluid Drainage

  • The doctor may drain the excessive synovial fluid from the knee joint with a needle.
  • This procedure is known as needle aspiration and is performed under ultrasound guidance


  • The doctor may advise corticosteroids to reduce the inflammation.
  • Painkillers or analgesics may be prescribed to relieve pain.

Surgical Intervention

  • If a cartilage tear causes the accumulation of this synovial fluid, the doctor may advise surgery to repair or remove the torn cartilage.

Life style changes
The doctor may advise you to follow certain steps to reduce the inflammation and reduce the production of the synovial fluid. Theyinclude:

  • Follow the P.R.I.C.E principles.
  • They stand for protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation.
  • Protect your leg by using crutches.
  • Crutches help to reduce the weight of the body over the knees and allows pain free walking.
  • Take rest and specially rest your legs.
  • Cold pack can be kept over the injured knee.
  • Elevate your leg when ever possible, especially in the night.
  • Reduce your physical activity as this will reduce the irritation of your knee joint.
  • Ask doctor on how long to reduce the levels of activity and guide you to alternative forms of exercises.
  • Calcium rich diet should be taken.
  • Green leafy vegetables and diary products rich in calcium should be taken.
  • Comfrey is a herb that helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Comfrey tea can be taken twice daily.
  • Yoga and meditation also can be done.
  • A healthy diet and a healthy life style can keep you away from any disease.

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