5 Inspirational Rags to Riches Celebrities

ai???When the going gets tough, the tough get goingai???; sang the Boyzone. Every word of it aptly describes some of the amazing celebrities who made it big, in spite of the tough situations. Although, they struggled to make both the ends meet, they did not give up their passion. Their life is an inspiration to those who have dreams in the eyes and fire in the belly. Luck favored them because of their ai???never say dieai??? attitude and firm belief in themselves. Read about these inspiring people and get motivated.


Oprah Winfrey (Net worth: $2.4 billion): One of the most famous faces on television, Oprah spent her early life in extreme poverty. Raped at the age of 9, Oprah gave birth to a son when she was 14-years old. After facing years of abuse, she ran away from home. Life took a turn when she finally got a job in a local radio station, WVOL. And as they say, there was no turning back for this tough lady.


Sean Connery (Net worth: $300 million): One of the greatest living legends of our times, Sean Connery, was born to a cleaning lady and a lorry driver. His first job was that of a milkman with a Co-operative society in Scotland. He also worked as a lorry driver, an artist’s model, a laborer and even a coffin-polisher. While helping backstage at the King’s Theater, he decided that he wanted to be an actor. Thus, the world got its charismatic Bond.


J.K Rowling (Net worth: $1 billion): The famous author of the Harry Potter series was actually unemployed, divorced and surviving on welfare, with her infant, before she touched the pinnacle of success. After getting rejected by several publishers, Rowling’s idea was finally accepted by one publishing house. And look where it has brought her! This magician of words charmed her readers and laughed her way to the bank.


Jim Carrey (Net worth: $150 million): Do you know that the funny-man of Hollywood lived in a camper van with his family? Jim Carrey worked an eight-hour shift in a tire factory to feed himself. Nothing funny about it, we would say! However, this hugely talented actor followed his passion- comedy. And it paid off big time. Shall we say he had the last laugh?


CAi??line Dion (Net worth: $225 million): Grammy-award winning singer CAi??line Dion was raised in a large, impoverished family in a small town of Charlemagne, QuAi??bec. She was the youngest of the 14 children. She, along with her siblings, would perform at a small club, in her early days. At the age of twelve, CAi??line composed a French song. With that began the musical journey of this gifted singer.

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