Tonsillitis Treatment

How sufficient is your knowledge about tonsillitis treatment? A good knowledge about your eating behaviors and your contact with others definitely would help you in treating tonsillitis if you have one.

In our previous article, we have written about tonsillitis definition, symptoms and causes. Now, as we have promised, we present you with information about tonsillitis treatment and other related subjects.

Hopefully, the information given would be useful for you and the ones you loved.

Your treatment would rely on the cause of your tonsillitis (viral infection or bacterial).

Since only looking at the tonsils would not give clear information and reveal the cause of tonsillitis, tonsillitis patients might have diagnostic tests.

General measures

  • When the patient has diagnostic tests, it may consist of throat culture.
  • Usually, tonsillitis will be treated by antibiotics and self-care.
  • For specific cases, such as chronic tonsillitis or repeated acute tonsillitis, surgery might be needed to remove the tonsils.
  • To relieve cough and throat irritation, tonsillitis patient may use a cool-mist, ultrasonic humidifier.

Treatment due to cause by bacteria
A sterile cotton wool (a throat swab) would be gently rubbed over the tonsillitis patientai??i??s tonsils. This method is taken to test for bacteria. Antibiotics or penicillin would be prescribed by your doctor when bacteria are present. You should finish all the given medicine to ensure your health.

Treatment due to cause by virus
If the cause of your tonsillitis is virus, antibiotics will not be useful. The patient will have a blood check to know the type of virus. This procedure would be taken if the infection still exists after two weeks.

The patient may also use acetaminophen to relieve pain.

In the next article, we will still write about tonsillitis treatment, medications and other related topics.

It would be better for you to consult with your doctor, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to get a better knowledge and information about tonsillitis treatment.

This article is not intended to be the only source of information about tonsillitis treatment.

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