Type 2 Diabetes can Increase the Risks of 24 Types of Cancer

In recent times, cancer and type 2 diabetes are the two most serious health complications all over the world. Diabetes is linked with a lot of other health complications by several research studies off late. Cancer remains a dreadful disease in its own right. In a latest research study, researchers from Sweden have discovered a relation between type 2 diabetes and cancer. Diabetic patients are at increased risk of getting any one of the 24 different cancer types. This revelation can have deep impact on the health of general public of any nation in the world in coming days. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

Knowledge Gained from Research:

  • The mechanism of how these two dreadful health complications are related is not understood yet, though the relationship is found out.
  • The study involved analysing the health status of 125,126 Swedish type 2 diabetes citizens. Cancer risk in these patients where compared with that of the general population in Sweden.
  • It was learnt that diabetic people have six times more risk of getting pancreatic cancer and 4.25 times high risk of getting liver cancer, in comparison to the general population.
  • The risk of cancer in the organs kidneys, esophagus, thyroid, small intestine and nervous system is more than twice as high in diabetic people.
  • However, the risk of getting prostate cancer is significantly low.
  • Diabetic patients with a family history of this disease have the lowest risk of getting this type of cancer.
  • Researchers speculate that presence of lower levels of sex hormones in male diabetics is probably responsible for reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

Significance of this Research Study: The government had to declare type 2 diabetes as a national epidemic last year (2009). Two closely related health complications, obesity and heart ailments, are already associated with type 2 diabetes. Health care officials will have a tough time in near future if the indications of the nexus between diabetes and cancer are well established. What will make the task difficult, is the sheer number of affected people. Pro activeness from their side on time and spread of awareness in people can save the lives of millions.

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