Top 10 Health Therapies That Are Most Weird

I know how it feels to fall sick and how it grows even at the name of the variety of treatment options it put in front of you. All you feel at that time is that the whole universe is under a conspiracy to make you fall sick. All chemical therapies (medicines), biological interventions (surgeries) and mechanical therapies (exercises) are done and still no significant improvement? And have also engulfed all those grand ma’s secret home made remedies. What do you do next ? Perhaps, itai??i??s time for some alternate methods of healing. Why not give them a chance ? Besides Yoga, Ayurveda, Tai Chi or Acupuncture, there are several other deep and effective therapies. These can be weird to hear and perform but are effective. These are –

  1. Hoai??i??oponopono
    This is a Hawaiian practise of healing. According to Hoai??i??oponopono, the roots of an illness lie in anger, disputes or guilt. So the process of healing must target these evils (in fact devils). Your calls for forgiveness and reconciliation is the best treatment for any illness. It will teach you a few magical words like – ai???sorryai???, ai???letai??i??s make upai??? which must be uttered to begin the healing.
  2. Urine Therapy
    Urine is considered as an effective curative in many parts of the world showing miraculous results. In China, people use urine as a face wash for babies to protect their skin. And in India, the brand ambassador of urine treatment was the late former Prime Minister, Mr. Morarji Desai. He gave the entire responsibility of his good health to the daily consumption of a pint of urine.
  3. Ear Candling
    The process of thermal auricular therapy is commonly known as ear candling. Do not think that adding the word ‘therapy’ will add sense to it. This process itself is very futile. Imagine lighting up a candle and placing the other end into your ears. Doesn’t it sound far from your level of imagination? Most people and medical associations do not pursue using this therapy. But still it is used in many parts of the world.
  4. Rebirthing-Breathwork
    Most of us would have definitely heard our mom reminding us of her immense pain she undertook during our birth. The pain she undertook to give us life, to bring us into this world. Now Readers, there is gift for your mom from you. Leonard Orr developed a breathing technique. According to him, a baby undergoes a real trauma during birth. So he tried using some type of connected breathing technique by which you can re-live your birth. This will help in healing your present stressful event.
  5. Beer Spa
    Have you ever thought of drinking your bath water ? Never, I guess. But it would be true if beer would be the answer. Yes, when it comes to beer everyone would love to have a beer bath and then drink it too. In Czech Republic, this is a common practise in many spa centres. They use beer for spa to rejuvenate the people through their enticing beer bath. Other than Czech Republic, this practise has been seen commonly in Germany and Austria.
  6. Psychic Surgery
    Name all the surgical instruments you know. Scalpel, surgical staplers, scissors, anesthesia, syringe and the list goes on … Uttering these words would have definitely reminded you of a helpless person lying on the bed of an operation theatre under the complete mercy of physician. In countries like Philippines and Brazil, the idea of psychic surgery is very common. It does not involve any body-poking objects. It just requires pressing and touching the diseased location for the sake of healing initiation. Even tissue-like substance or blood may be used to make the whole scenario look real.
  7. Virtual Dolphin Therapy
    This method of therapy is also a tailor-made one. Do not imagine getting a real dolphin from the name. An imaginary dolphin is also equally capable to do the same job. The patient is made to lie down on a couch with eyes opened. Then he is made to watch dolphins in deep sea. The sounds of the waves and ocean is also adjusted to an audible range so that the effect appears more real. The prime aim of this treatment is to bring about relaxation and rejuvenation.
  8. Bee Sting Therapy
    Yes, readers. It is the sting of the bee. Though most of us believe the bee sting is poisonous and is painful but many practitioners of this system believe that the venom of the bee has several anti-inflammatory properties. They claim that these properties can be used effectively to treat illnesses like arthritis and keloids. The type and severity of the condition will decide on the number of bee stings required for cure.
  9. Past Life Regression
    Imagine a person relating his gluten allergy to his death in a wheat field in his previous birth. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous ? But there are several psychologists who induce hypnosis in patients to trigger their memory to recollect their past life. These practitioners believe that resolving the unresolved issues in the past life will provide a solution to all illness present in the present life.
  10. Snake Massage Therapy
    This is the most weird method of treatment. Imagine a heap of non-poisonous snakes piled on your body. But this therapy uses the same method. Snake massage therapy states that the slithering and crawling of the snakes provides a soothing effect on our tired and aching body. And you would be amazed to know that for areas like face, smaller snakes are used to massage your delicate areas.

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  1. I practive both Tai-Chi and meditation on my spare time. It is really good for general health.:-`

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  4. i find tai-chi a bit harder to learn, but i am really interested in learning tai-chi;,.

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