Doubling Time Calculation of Tumour Growth is Erraneous

A Tumour is a collection of harmful cancer cells. If the disease is detected in its initial stages, treatment techniques like Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy can kill the cancer cells in the tumour.

But in the initial stages, the symptoms of cancer remain dormant. They become apparent suddenly as the disease reaches the the stage called Metastases. By this time, the cancer cells remain no more localized to a particular part of the body. They spread to every corner of the body through the blood stream.

An important parameter in tumour detection is the Doubling time. It is the time taken by the tumour to grow twice in its volume. Scientists at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have discovered that the method of calculation of this parameter is erroneous. This article tries to gain further insight on this finding.

“The standard method used to determine the effect of therapy does not take the rate of tumour growth into account, while our new model does. This means that we can measure more accurately even small effects of treatment.”

– Department of Radiation Physics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Knowledge Gained From the Research:

  • The widely applied calculation method of Doubling time is not a trusted mathematical model to ascertain cancer tumour growth.
  • In place of the old parameter, a new model is developed which defines another factor and calculates the percentage growth of cancer tumour on daily basis.
  • Researcher Esmaeil Mehrara and his team at the Department of Radiation Physics, University of Gothenburg, have developed this new method.
  • This method will allow the doctors to understand the effectiveness of various cancer treatment techniques in a better way.
  • The new parameter is known as the specific growth rate (SGR).
  • It provides more accurate information on the growth of the tumour than the earlier parameter Doubling time.

The diagnosis of cancer tumour is a challenge for doctors all over the world. It is because the cancer cells do not make the signs of cancer apparent until the stage of matastases commences. Discovery of new methods which keep an eye on the state of the tumour from its diagnosis state is very imperative in curing this dreadful disease.

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