Myofascial Pain Treatment

Do you know how to treat myofascial pain if you have one? Sometimes, Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) is often confused with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. They are pretty similar but actually have different character. Therefore, a proper knowledge is essential to have a better treatment toward MPS.

In the previous article, we have given information about myofascial pain syndrome and myofascial pain trigger points. To make your knowledge about MPS more complete, we provide you with information about myofascial pain treatment through this article.

MPS Treatment
As we have stated in the previous article, MPS happens due to the appearance of trigger points. The pain which is come from trigger points has several characteristics. The characteristics are as follows:

  • Aching
  • Deep
  • Dull
  • Steady
  • The intensity of pain might range from mild to excessively severe

It is crucially important to know about the characteristics of the pain, how the pain is develop and source of trigger points to design an effective and suitable treatment.

Once you feel that you might suffer with MPS, you should consult with your doctor to have an appropriate treatment. If MPS left untreated, the result could be more difficult to treat, complex, widespread and becomes a chronic myofascial pain.

Here are several ways of myofascial pain treatment:

Acupressure known as an ancient Chinese healing art. It uses the fingers to press key points on the skin. Pressing the key points will release muscle tension and make the blood circulation easier and finally stimulate the bodyai??i??s healing abilities.

Dry Needling
Similar to acupuncture, a needle is inserted directly into the painful area and then removed. During this procedure, no medicines are injected.

Deep Relaxation
Being relaxed and having control over stress levels able to decrease the pain from MPS. Several training such as deep and controlled breathing, meditation and guided imagery would help to manage the pain.

Damp heat may relieve the pain and muscle tension through the increasing of blood flow and circulation. Damp heat can also relax the muscles.

Before performing this method, you better consult with your doctor to reduce the possibility of injury, i.e., burning skin.

Lifestyle Changes
You should avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarette. All these objects are bad for your health and would distress your trigger points.

Use this method only when your doctor suggests it.

Posture Re-Training
Having a correct posture would help you to relieve stress and tension on the affected muscles.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (Tens) Unit
A low level of electrical stimulation which is connected to a small unit is put on the affected muscle. This method is meant to relieve pain and muscle tension.

Manual Trigger Point Therapy
An analgesic or a pain killing drug is injected directly into the painful trigger point during this procedure.

Lastly, kindly remember to consult with your doctor and other healthcare professionals in order to have a deeper understanding about myofascial pain treatment.

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